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Lies on the road to County Executive

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 28, 2005

Here is something that was posted in the Stevens Point Journal Opinion section.

Mielke best choice for executive post

It was Daniel Mielke who knew how sad our local government was performing, and through much adversity from local politicians, he worked relentlessly to achieve the Portage County executive position. Because of his insight in this matter, it is my opinion that he is the one and only person for this position.

What I know about Daniel is that he has proven to be above reproach when confronted by adverse situations and is exceptionally sensitive to people’s concerns. He is also a real gentleman — a characteristic hard to find in today’s society.

Anyone who displays a negative attitude toward him, knows not what they speak.

Daniel Mielke will need your vote to see that we the people get honest government.

Gaylord LaGraves

Stevens Point

written from Homosassa, Fla.

If Mielke is supposed to be the best choice, then why doesn’t he come clean about how him and his buddies, that includes the mayor, lied and bullied people into signing the petition? What he did not tell the public is that Portage County is a million dollars in the hole.

Why doesn’t he tell the public that 70% of the people who signed the petition where college students? He also tried bullying some people into signing the petition by following them to their car while asking over and over for them to sign the petition. When he tried getting people to sign the petition the first time, he told people to sign their name and would not tell them what they where signing.

Mielke and his buddies should come clean and tell the whole truth about how and why they want a County Executive. They should also explain why they get pay raises and city workers get no raise or a very little increase in their pay.

City and County workers work harder than the politicians and they get little or no respect for doing their jobs from City Officials.

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