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Abraham Lincoln: Liar and Warmonger

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on January 3, 2006

Abraham Lincoln: Liar and Warmonger

by James Buchanan

Abraham Lincoln caused the greatest slaughter of Americans in our
history. He was originally elected with only 40 percent of the vote in
a three-way race. During the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln stated
that he didn’t think Blacks should be citizens or given the right to
vote. Perhaps someone should have asked Lincoln if he would wage war on
his own people if the South seceded.

Slavery was on the way out by 1861. England and France had outlawed
slavery by then and it was only a matter of time before all White
nations followed their example. All the European colonial nations
outlawed slavery without having to fight a war over it. Slavery was
also becoming obsolete. One website notes “A picking device (for
cotton) was first patented in 1850 and a stripper (a machine that
strips both open and unopened bolls and trash from the plant) in 1871.”
The need for slaves to pick cotton was disappearing. Why would a
plantation owner want two hundred slaves, who might revolt one day and
murder his family if a mechanical device and a team of horses could
pick the cotton just as well? Slavery would have disappeared by the
1870s. There was absolutely no reason for a gigantic civil war and the
deaths of 600,000 Americans over an issue that would have gone away on
its own within fifteen years.

The Declaration of Independence begins: “When in the Course of human
events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political
bands which have connected them with another…” The Southern states felt
the same alienation and the same need to “dissolve the political bands”
that were oppressing them.

In one of the greatest acts of political hypocrisy in human history,
Lincoln decided to fight a long bloody civil war to brutally impose
federal rule on the South. There was no need to fight a war to
“preserve the Union.” The nation of Canada was peacefully co-existing
to the north of the United States. No serious politician claimed that
the existence of Canada was a threat to the United States or that a war
had to be fought to annex that nation (although there was some
jingo-ism about the 54-40 parallel). The Confederacy would have been
just as non-threatening as Canada, but living in peace with the South
was not tolerable for Mr. Lincoln.

The secession of the southern states was an enormous blow to Lincoln’s
ego. Instead of coping with reality and admitting a personal defeat,
Lincoln’s first move was to provoke a war with the South. Federal forts
in the South were maintained and sent supplies as Lincoln raised an
army with the intent of invading the South. The South did not
appreciate the presence of Northern troops deep within their territory
as the North mobilized for war. Fort Sumter was fired on and
surrendered without the loss of even one life. Lincoln used that
incident to declare war on the South.

To camouflage Lincoln’s selfish reasons for punishing the south,
Lincoln eventually decided to “free the slaves” as announced after the
battle of Antietam in the famous Emancipation Proclamation. At the
outset of the war “honest” Abe had promised slave-holding states on the
border with the South that he would not abolish slavery to convince
them to stay in the Union. One website notes “Regarding slaves in
states loyal to the government or occupied by Union troops, Lincoln
proposed three constitutional amendments in his December 1862 State of
the Union message to Congress. The first was that slaves not freed by
the Emancipation Proclamation be freed gradually over a 37-year period,
to be completed by January 1, 1900. The second provided compensation to
owners for the loss of their slave property. The third was that the
government transport freed Blacks, at government expense, out of the
country and relocate them in Latin America and Africa.” So Lincoln had
no problem with Blacks staying slaves until Jan. 1st, 1900. Slavery
would have ended faster than that with an independent South.

The Founding Fathers never intended Blacks to be citizens of the US.
The Blacks had been brought here to work as farm animals and were
legally considered property. Abraham Lincoln and his successors turned
the Blacks into citizens leading to over 140 years of interracial
murders and rapes in a racially integrated society. About 600,000
Whites were killed in the Civil War and an additional 50,000 Whites
have been murdered by Blacks, thanks to Lincoln’s handiwork.

If the South were allowed to secede, it would have been a good trading
partner with the North (much like Canada), but it would not be subject
to excessive federal tariffs. The South could sell its cotton to Europe
without federal interference. Slavery would have become obsolete in the
1870s. The Blacks would have been expatriated to Africa or possibly
Haiti after that. Once slavery was abolished and the Blacks
expatriated, the North and South might have merged back together. Not
one American would have had to die in a Civil War to accomplish what
took four bloody years of warfare costing the nation a huge death toll
that even included Abraham Lincoln himself.

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