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Texas border standoff with Mexican military

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on January 25, 2006

Foreign personnel mount machine guns
on U.S. side while helping drug smugglers.

These attacks in to American soil are becoming more frequent every day and the American government is doing nothing to prevent this from happening. First it was illegal immirgrants coming across the border to steal our jobs and now the Mexican government is letting Mexican soldiers help smugglers bring drugs in to America. There are way to many illegal immirgrants in this country. The government needs to round up ALL ILLIGAL IMMIRGRANTS, along with there children that where born in America and send them back. The American government is allowing the invasion of America by Mexico. The American government cares more about illigal immirgrants and what rights that they can give to them, than they do about American Citizens or their safety.
When will the American government stop this invasion? How many of those illigal immirgrants are Mexican soldiers sneaking accross the border? The American government should put the safety and well being ahead of every thing else. They should not be taking our rights away. They should be protecting American citizens instead of illigal immirgrants.

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