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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

George W. Bush Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on January 26, 2006

Jews kill 66 million and it is not called a crime against hummanity. There is more proof that the Jews kill way more people than Hitler could have done in his life time. Jews say that Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but they forget to look at there own history. Jews do not see it as a crime for Jews to kill Non-Jews, but to the Jews it is the highest of crimes for a Non-Jew to harm any Jew.

Below: Many
Communist gulag prisoners died of malnutrition. Their meager daily
diet consisted of a filthy, rat feces-infested bowl of gruel and
occasionally a tiny bit of black bread.
Lenin and his cohorts were
satanic Jews who put 66 million to death in the indescribable Red
Terror. Yet, it was a capital crime (“anti-semitism”) to
reveal their Jewish ethnic identity. Pictured above are four
Soviet gulag camp commandants, all Jews. They are giving a Masonic
hand sign (see Texe’s new book,

Codex Magica

Here is some thing more interesting. The President of the United
States is in favor of the Jews and will do
what he can to help Israel
take out their enemies.

In this photo from a
radical Jewish Lubavitcher web site, President Bush waves on the way to
his Jewish Talmud class. He was accompanied by former White House
spokesman and recently ordained Rabbi, Ari Fleischer. Sources confirm that
the President is a Jewish religious fanatic but understands he must keep
his beliefs under cover.

Read the story of how President Bush is a Zionist Double Agent.

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