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Two immigrants take title to ranch seized from anti-immigrant activist

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on January 30, 2006

Documents granting the 70-acre ranch once owned by Casey Nethercott to Fatima del Socorro Leiva Medina and Edwin Alfredo Mancia Gonzales were signed by a Cochise County judge on Monday.

Leiva and Mancia were illegal immigrants from El Salvador. They received temporary legal status in the United States as crime victims and are seeking visas to stay longer.

Now here is another example of illegal immigrants having more rights than Americans. The judge is sending out the message “Jump the border and you might win some land.” The man works hard all his life putting his sweat and blood in to his ranch only to have it taken away by illegal immigrants. Any illegal immigrant who says that they have been abused when they jump the border are believed because of the assumption that the land owner must have done some thing wrong when the illegal immigrants jumped the border on to his land.

So does this mean that any illegal immigrant that trespasses on to anyone’s land can get their land by just lying and say that they where abused or mistreated? All this will do is give all illegal immigrants in America the idea that they can.

The only reason that the illegal immigrants filed a lawsuit was to prevent being deported. There are a lot of people out there that are sick and tired of illegal immigrants getting preferential treatment and more rights than Americans. They come here illegally, commit crimes, and get away with it. What is next, some illegal immigrant murdering an American and getting away with it?

Here is some more about what happen on another blog. I posted the last few sentences. 

A Chilling Court Decision

The message here is clear: If you are hoping to enter this country illegally from Mexico, go right ahead! The US government won’t stop you, and if American citizens do, you can sue them for “post-traumatic stress” and take their property. And then you can sell it for a large sum of money. And you get to remain in the US, legally. And the extremely powerful Southern Poverty Law Center will support you all the way.

And if you form a small group of US citizens who are trying to stop these illegals from streaming across the border, the New York Times will label you a “paramilitary group.”

If this doesn’t make you angry at the sheer injustice of it all, I’m not sure what possibly could…

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