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Why Is Genarlow Wilson In Prison??

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on January 30, 2006

He is in prison because he is a Child Molester. It does not
matter what grades he gets. He should go to prison because he committed a
crime. Aggravated Child Molestation is a crime and he should fry like all child

2 Responses to “Why Is Genarlow Wilson In Prison??”

  1. clown said

    In many states the conduct wouldn’t classify as a felony offense. Most states consider consentual contact within 3-4 years (by state) as a simple misdeameanor. And almost never prosecuted. As far as molestation goes, she is nearly a peer in age 15 vs 17, and was sober.

    He is looking at more prison time (11 years 10+1 probation minimum) than if he had started whacking her with a sledgehammer (agrivated assault and battery 10 years). I’m pretty sure that his actions were much less severe

  2. advocate said

    I hope “my thoughts and news”‘s comment was for shock value, because if not, you’re a moron. The law was created to protect children from perverted adults, not to interfere with adolescent sexual development and exploration. You probably didn’t get laid until you were 30 so you are a bit biased.

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