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Poll: Americans nervous about Iran

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on February 15, 2006

Bush’s approval rating drops to 39 percent

(CNN) — Americans are nervous about the
prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, but also worry about the ability of
the United States and the United Nations to deal with the situation, a
CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday suggests.

The United Nations and Israel have no right to use the United States as a police force to do their dirty work. The United States gives support money to most of the countries in the
world and they need to stop giving money to countries that use it to buy weapons
for war.
Israel is the biggest user of United States money. They also have the biggest supply of weapons
of mass destruction. The only reason that they are trying to go to war with
Iran is that Israel is telling the United States to do it cause they have a control over most of the United States government.

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