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Police test ruled biased because of disparity in pass rates

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on February 17, 2006

The math portion of the National Police Officer
Selection Test, given to Virginia Beach police recruits, was called
discriminatory because the pass rate for blacks and Hispanics was less
than 80 percent of the pass rate for whites.

The so-called “80 percent rule” is
a rule of thumb that has been used by the federal government for years
to evaluate possible discrimination cases.

They say that it is discrimination because blacks can not
pass the math portion of the test. That is bullshit. So now blacks think that
if they can not pass a test that it can be called discrimination and they will
get the job. Sorry to say no, it should not happen like that. Too many blacks
are using their color and race to get jobs that they are not qualified to hold.
If they can not pass a test, then they do not get the job.
All this is doing is re-enforcing the notion that blacks are ignorant stupid
apes that can not get a job without using the color of their skin. If they can
not pass the math part of the test, then they should have been studying harder
and longer. There is no excuse for not passing the test.

Any black that uses their skin color to get a job or have a
test changed just for them so that they can pass, should never be hired because
it will cause problems down the road. It will also cause resentment among other
workers, black and white, that have passed the test.

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