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Bodies of fetuses, newborns clog Harare’s sewers

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on February 19, 2006

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — The corpses of at
least 20 newborn babies and fetuses are found each week in the sewers
of Zimbabwe’s capital, some having been flushed down toilets, Harare
city authorities said, according to state media Friday.

Maybe if they where not screwing like rabbits, this would not happen. If they are conserned, then get them rubbers. Only animals screw like rabbits and then kill their babies so that they can screw some more. There is no one to blame but themselves. They are screwing like rabbits and they are the ones that need to stop.

One Response to “Bodies of fetuses, newborns clog Harare’s sewers”

  1. S.H. said

    That is so sad. It’s 2006, and people should be able to control whether they get pregnant or not.

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