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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

GOP Chiefs Don’t Want Immigrants Charged

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on April 13, 2006

The two top Republicans in Congress, confronted
with internal party divisions as well as large public demonstrations,
said Tuesday they intend to pass immigration legislation that does not
subject illegal aliens to prosecution as felons.

What is sad is that these politicians where elected. So Sad,
So Sad. People need to wake up and realize that we no longer have a say in how
our country is ruined. Wealthy Politicians control America
for the Wealthy and not for regular Americans. Wealthy Americans control who
gets in to office and who does not. Lobbyist from Wealthy Americans and Wealth
Companies say what gets passed and what does not get passed. America
is no longer for the people by the people. America
is now for the Wealthy by the Wealthy.

When have we become a Nation that is so blind to what is going on around us? Why do we give up our rights so easy to the Wealthy? Why do we believe what is spoon fed to us by the Wealthy? When will we start thinking for ourselves and not have some one else tell us what to think, when to think it, and how to live? When will we stop letting some one else tell us what is good for us? When will we get back our freedoms?

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