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Murder Shocks Brussels While PM and Cardinal Blame Victims

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on April 27, 2006

Last Wednesday Joe Van Holsbeeck, 17 years of age, was murdered
in Brussels Central Station. He was stabbed five times in the heart by
North African youths. They demanded that he give them his MP3 player.
When Joe refused he was savagely murdered. The atrocity happened during
the evening rush hour on a crowded platform. Though there were hundreds
of people on the platform, no-one interfered – perhaps because
many people do not notice what is happening around them on a crowded,
noisy and busy platform where passengers are rushing to catch their

They thought America was bad when it came to the Law going after Blacks that attack Whites because of they are white. It is happening all over the world when it comes to blacks not being charge or arrested for hate crimes when they attack or kill whites just because they are white. Blacks have been shown to be more racist towards whites, but yet a white is called a racist if they talk about it in public.

80 000 march for MP3 victim

Brussels – A silent march in Brussels to protest against urban violence
and honour a youth killed for his digital music player attracted
80 000 demonstrators on Sunday, police said.,,2-10-1462_1921383,00.html

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