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Boycott all Target Stores

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on April 30, 2006

Boycott Target Stores for their support of PETA, and finally put to an end the terrorist activities of PETA. For to long now PETA has been receiving funding from Target Stores so that they can support terrorist activities in the United States. PETA uses the money from Target Stores and other firms, to fund their terrorist activities, or those of other terrorist groups in the United States. I have stopped shopping from Target Stores when I found out that they give a portion of their sales to PETA and that they are one of PETA’s biggest financial supporters. Any one that shops at Target is guilty of funding terrorist and is just as guilt of the crimes they commit.

So every one do what you can to stop this injustice by boycotting Target Stores in any state they are built. Also sign the petition to revoke their tax free status.

The link can be found through this Blog. Every signiture counts.

Sign the petition to have PETA’s tax-exemption status removed

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