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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

Hate hotline puts speech on hold

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on May 16, 2006

Tuesday, the Boulder City Council will take up the
matter of allocating public funding for a “hate hotline,” which would
give residents an opportunity to report incidents in which Boulderites
use tactless language.

So much for free speach. No longer can you speak your mind. Soon you can be put in jail just for saying you do not like the president or any public official. To Jews, this is a way for them to muscle more control over the freedoms of Americans. Freedom of Speach will so be a crime punishable with prison time. Sounds just like what Hitler did. Now the Jews are the New Age Hitler. Israel can say who can and who can not walk in to their country, but condem the United States for wanting to close the borders to Illegal Immigration. The United States funds Israel and without that money coming in, Israel would fall to it’s knees.

Court rules to uphold Citizenship Law

An expanded panel of 11 High Court justices voted
six to five to reject eight petitions calling for the nullification of
a provisional law barring Palestinian men younger than 35 and women
under 25 from living with their Israeli spouses inside Israel.

I guess it is do as I say and not as I do mentality for Israel. The New Age Hitlers at work to make the whole world one big Jewish State.

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