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South Carolina Students Protest School’s Confederate Clothing Ban

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on May 24, 2006

LATTA, South Carolina  — A 15-year-old girl led a small protest march Monday against her high school’s ban on Confederate flag clothing, which she is also challenging in court.

Candice Hardwick
walked with about a dozen people, about half of them family members and
some wearing Confederate T-shirts, a few blocks to her school. Hardwick
wore a Confederate belt buckle and button and had the Confederate flag
on her mobile phone cover. She removed those items before entering the
school, where she is a sophomore.

Again, Freedom of speach must apply to every one no matter what or every one will lose the right to free speach.,2933,196478,00.html

Student sues S.C. school over Confederate clothing

Student files lawsuit over ban

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