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Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines 26-05-06 ~

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on May 27, 2006

American activist lightly hurt in Bil’in anti-fence

On Friday, dozens of demonstrators tried to cross the barbed wire section of
the barrier that is built through a Palestinian-owned olive orchard. Israeli
troops fired rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas… Three
women from the U.S., Sweden and Germany were lightly hurt

Housing Min. seeks
NIS 32m to guard Jews in E. Jerusalem

The Housing Ministry has requested NIS 32 million in the 2006 budget to
provide security for the residents of (ILLEGAL) Jewish enclaves in the
heavily Palestinian neighborhoods of (OCCUPIED) East Jerusalem.

Olmert: Jerusalem
Jewish, inclusive, and united

“Jerusalem has remained Jewish throughout its existence, and today
more than ever,” Olmert addressed his audience. “It is Jewish,
inclusive, and united. Visions of peace emerged from it in ancient times and
we aspire that soon, hopes for peace for us and our neighbors will
emerge.” ( Our Target is: Peace –
Justice = Zionism! ),7340,L-3255240,00.html

4 Palestinians killed in separate incidents in
northern Gaza Strip

Earlier Friday, Palestinians said a 54-year-old farmer was killed during an
IDF artillery barrage of the Strip, Army Radio reported. Three Palestinian
men died and five other Palestinians were wounded in a house when a family
member brought in and accidentally set off an unexploded Israel Defense
Forces shell that landed near the area, Palestinian security sources said.

Troops shell Beit Hanoun, one child seriously

A Palestinian medical source in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza
Strip, reported on Friday afternoon that one Palestinian child was seriously
injured after the Israeli army based at the northern borders of the Gaza
Strip shelled Beit Hanoun.

Army invades Nablus, surrounds residential
building,injures one resident

Yousef Abu Laila, 26, a Palestinian security officer, sustained injuries
after being hit by live rounds in his left leg and left arm, then he was
moved to the nearby hospital in the city, medical sources reported.

Palestinian Prisoner Society: The lawyers are the
only link between the prisoners and their families

Palestinian organizations are also unable to bring money in through banks
fearful of American threats against them if they facilitate any transfers.
This includes human rights organizations, NGOS in general, and the
Palestinian Prisoner Society.

Troops arrest seven residents, including three
brothers near Hebron

Friday at dawn, the Israeli army arrested seven residents, including three
brothers, form Doura village south of the West Bank city of Hebron. Troops fired tear gas and sound
bombs at the residents’ homes, and searched several homes in the village

Islamic Jihad leader
killed in Lebanon blast

A leader of the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, Mahmoud al-Majzub,
has been killed in a car bomb attack in Lebanon’s main southern city of
Sidon. Majzub’s brother Nidal, who had been beside him at the time of the
blast, was killed instantly, while the Jihad militant was taken to hospital
gravely wounded.

PA factions consider
Abbas’ ultimatum

After recovering from the initial shock of Palestinian Authority Chairman
Mahmoud Abbas’ 10-day ultimatum Thursday, the Palestinian factions are
beginning to contemplate his demand to present a set of principles accepting
the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders as official PA

Palestinian PM defiant over Abbas referendum
“Even if they besiege us from all directions, they should not dream that
we will make any political concessions,” added Haniyeh. Earlier on
Friday, Hamas withdrew a controversial private militia from the streets of
the Gaza Strip, saying it wanted to avoid further infighting with the rival
Fatah movement.

Israel to allow
Palestinian President Abbas to obtain arms

Israeli officials said Friday they will permit Palestinian President Mahmoud
Abbas, who is locked in a power struggle with the rival Hamas movement, to
obtain arms to beef up his presidential guard. Amos Gilad, a top Defense
Ministry official, said Israel is not providing the weapons.
Instead, they will come from a third country.

Defense official: Arms transfer to help Abbas take
on Hamas

The transfer, which was recommended by defense officials and approved by
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, will allow Abbas
to “carry out the courageous decision he made and contend with
Hamas,” said Gilad, who heads the Defense Ministry’s political-security

Haniya to assess
‘constitutional’ aspects of referendum

“We are going to study the referendum from a legal and constitutional
point of view,” Haniya told supporters after the main Friday prayers in
the Jabaliya refugee camp on the northern ouskirts of Gaza City. “We want to understand the
legal and political dimensions of the matter,” the prime minister added.

Hamas says it won’t
be forced to accept Abbas plan

Hamas will not be “blackmailed” into accepting President Mahmoud
Abbas’s proposal for Palestinian statehood that implicitly recognises Israel,
a member of the movement’s exiled leadership said on Friday.

Jakarta pledges aid
to Palestinians

Earlier on Friday a group of Islamic politicians and activists handed
al-Zahar $251,000 in cash to make up for the shortfall in the authority’s
budget. The money was raised during a series of recent street rallies.

US approves aid to
Israel, Egypt

The budget includes aid for Israel (USD 2. 4 billion) and Egypt (USD 1. 7 billion). Both
countries received the highest financial aid from the US since the signing of the peace
treaty between the two countries at Camp David.,7340,L-3255291,00.html

Former Mossad chief calls for long-term deal with

Halevy was the first senior Israeli security official to propose reaching a
deal with the Islamic militants who have killed more than 250 Israelis in
scores of attacks. Israel (WHO HAVE KILLED MORE THAN 3500
PALESTINIANS) and Hamas could reach an understanding based on their mutual
desire for a long-term truce, he said.

Hizbullah launches
campaign to aid Palestinians

Tens of thousands of supporters, waving Hizbullah’s yellow-and-green flags,
packed a square in the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre to mark the sixth anniversary of
the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon.,7340,L-3255258,00.html

Sharon’s Legacy in Action
His wall project robs the land of the Palestinian villages in these areas,
imprisons whole towns, and leaves their residents with no means of
sustenance. If the project continues, many of the 400.000 Palestinians
affected by it will have to leave and seek their livelihood in the outskirts
of cities in the center of the West Bank, as happened already in northern West Bank town of Qalqilia.

Arab families of fallen IDF soldiers harassed
The families of Arabs who died during their IDF service are being ostracized
and harassed in their communities. “The six months following his death
were a real nightmare: threats, harassments, shooting and even an attempt to
open his grave. Every week I visit the plot for fear someone will harm
Hussein’s grave. It’s a military grave and sticks out in the cemetery.”

Sharon to be moved to
long-term care centre

Experts from the care facility, outside Tel Aviv, have been consulting with
his doctor and experts at the Jerusalem hospital for several weeks about
moving Mr Sharon, who underwent extensive brain surgery after suffering
bleeding in his brain on January 4. He has had several operations since but
has not regained consciousness.,,1783580,00.html

‘Television on
demand’ finds eager audience in West Bank and Gaza

Palestinians, especially in the West Bank, may well be the first Middle
Easterners to implement the concept of “television-on-demand,”
which is steadily gaining ground in Western countries.

For Israeli Arabs,
open-ended frustration

The expectation of equal status, at least at the civil level, was replaced by
more land confiscation, legislation defining the Jewish character of the
state in basic laws, the High Court of Justice’s ratification of an amendment
to the citizenship law that prevents unification of mixed Palestinian
families from both sides of the “Green Line,” ongoing discrimination
in all walks of life, house demolitions and a long list of unilateral steps
that merely substantiate the lack of any chance for progress

Theatre gives hope to
children of Jenin

The Israeli actor and director, Juliano Mer-Khamis, who co-founded the
theatre, said: “We wanted to create a cultural centre that will empower,
bring knowledge to the children of Jenin. “We want to try together with
them to reduce the vicious effect of the occupation, as a means of joint struggle.”

Israeli group urges sanctions on B.A. program for
Shin Bet

An Israeli group is planning to brief the British teachers’ association on a new Hebrew University program, approved last week, to
grant undergraduate degrees to Shin Bet security services personnel. The
Israeli initiative favors imposing sanctions on Israeli organizations that
cooperate with the occupation in the territories.

US talks offer no
longer stands: Mottaki

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has confirmed his country’s
decision not to hold direct talks with the United States over the situation in Iraq.

Russia will fulfill
missile contract with Iran

At the end of last year, the Russian press announced that Iran had signed a
contract with Moscow to buy 29 TOR-M1 air defense systems in a deal valued at
700 million dollars (546 million euros).

Gunmen kill Iraqi
tennis coach, two players

Gunmen shot dead the coach of the Iraqi national tennis team and two players
in southwestern Baghdadon Wednesday, an Iraqi tennis federation official told
Xinhua on Friday.

Bush and Blair make
their Iraq war mea culpas

US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair bluntly
acknowledged that the Iraq war had been marked by “mistakes” and
“missteps” but insisted that the world must support the new Baghdad


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