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U.N. Criminalizes Homeschooling

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on June 8, 2006

According to “Customary International Law,” activist judges appointed
in the United States can apply a United Nations treaty making
Homeschooling Illegal against U.S. families.

There are other laws that the U.N. forces on the United
. Clinton gave the U.N. the
power to take any American’s land away if there is an endangered plant on their
property, by force if needed. They can take it and the land owner does not get
any money or any say in what happens. When you buy land, you do not own it, the
government owns the land. They can take the land away and give it to land developers
under emanate domain laws.

Americans are losing their rights every day. Bush has admitted
on TV that he does not care what any one says, he is going to do things his
way. No one will stand up against him and have him impeached. The Politicians
Washington are
only concerned about their pocket books, their political status, and only them
selves. They no longer care about the people that they are supposed to serve.
They are out to make money off the American public and they will not let anyone
stand in their way, the one leading them is Bush.
no longer has leaders leading them; they have greedy politicians out to make
profit on the backs of Americans.

People need to start electing REAL LEADERS and not rich
people who are only out to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. We have a government of traitors leading a nation down the wrong path.

One Response to “U.N. Criminalizes Homeschooling”

  1. Warren said

    Great article 😉

    Thanks for helping to spread the news. You site looks excellent.

    Keep the faith,

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