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Hazleton mayor wants to limit illegal aliens

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on June 15, 2006

The mayor of Hazleton has proposed an ordinance that would ban illegal immigrants from living or working in the city and would make English the “official” city language.

They should be doing this in every state in America. If the government refuses to do anything, then it is up to small towns across America to lead the way.

One Response to “Hazleton mayor wants to limit illegal aliens”

  1. While this may not apply to you, the vast majority of people who complain about illegal immigrants are xenophobes who secretly harbor anti-immigrant and anti-minority sentiments. Xenophobes tend to conflate and demonize these three groups of people, and it seems pretty naive for someone to argue that the Hazleton ordinance will not be used to persecute United States citizens and legal residents who happen to be Latinos.

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