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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

China expanding global dominance

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on June 20, 2006

China is looking at other 3rd world countries to help expand its dominance on the world's energy market. The United States is loosing its hold on being the leading supper power. While the United States lags behind in the search for alternative fuels sources, China is leaping ahead. Soon you can see an increase in fuel prices in the United States as China takes control of the alternative fuel sources that the United States failed to acquire. The United States will soon be no longer self sufficient. The United States will have to depend on other nations for fuel, food, building supplies, and clothing as China moves to gobble up other countries fuel and labor sources. More companies will move out of the United States to other countries where fuel and labor is cheaper all thanks to the corrupt greedy American Government and its Politicians.

Zimbabwe signs China energy deal

Chinese PM launches Africa tour

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