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Any hate crimes committed in the State of New York will now carry more serious penalties than ever before.

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on June 24, 2006

State Assemblyman Thomas Alfano (R – North Valley Stream) announced on Monday that Governor George E. Pataki had signed into law a bill making it a Class E felony to commit a hate crime. “I’m proud that this bipartisan effort made this bill law,” said Alfano. “Hate crime has no place in our communities.” The bill, which was co-sponsored by Assemblyman William Colton (D-Brooklyn) , makes it a hate crime to put a swastika on public property or to burn a cross on public property or a private building in public view without the owner’s permission. The maximum penalty for such crimes under the new law would be one to three years in prison or five years probation.

In other words they are saying that it is only a hate crime when whites are the ones doing the crime. They are saying that it is not a hate crime for blacks or minorities to attack whites because they are white.

4 Responses to “Any hate crimes committed in the State of New York will now carry more serious penalties than ever before.”

  1. Susie Carey said

    Just another reason to get rid of liberals…the biggest liberal jack-ass is Hilary Clinton, who herself defended members of the Black Panthers in court before she became willys wife. Again, there will come a time (some are already doing it) when we will have to take the law into our own hands, defend and arm ourselves.

  2. Barth D. said

    That Black Panthers spiel was a frickin’ hoax conjured up by some jackass only marginally smarter than yourself – do your research, fool.

    Whites dominated the planet for centuries. Raped and killed at their leisure. You can not deny this.

  3. Also do not forget that blacks sold their own people in to slavery. The warring tribes would take their prisoners and sell them for slaves.

  4. Barth D. said

    Do your research. The slave trade was started by Arabs, exporting north Africans. Only later were the western Africans deigned to be better investments as slave labor. And the fact that warring tribes sold slaves to Europeans does not change any of what took place while crossing the Atlantic, nor the rape, torture, murder, humiliation, eugenics, elimination of language/culture/literacy, separation of families, etc. You treat them like animals and call them animals. They behave the way they’ve been treated. Simple as that. Hobble a man then deride him for not running well. Heartless as the Devil, evil begets evil.

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