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School ‘Razorblade’ Attack

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 2, 2006

A jury has heard a 13-year-old girl describe how she was “scarred for life” when a classmate slashed her across the face.

Sheffield Crown Court was played a video recording of a police interview Shanni Naylor gave after she was attacked in a classroom at a Sheffield comprehensive school by another girl.

Schools do nothing to protect kids from this kind of violence. They turn a blind eye when the attacker is a minority and the victum is white. They are also slow to react. You hear about a school suspending a student for having a pair of nail clippers, but they let the attacker bring a razor blade to school. What is wrong with them?,,30100-13530264,00.html

2 Responses to “School ‘Razorblade’ Attack”

  1. Barth D. said

    “Let”? More like “snuck”

    “A blind eye?” What planet are you on?

  2. When the school does not use a metal detector to screen students, yes they LET him bring a razor blade in to school.

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