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A smart, smiling girl with a secret

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 3, 2006

Just four years ago, Chelsea Brooks was riding roller coasters and singing in the rain.

On a trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo., she and her Girl Scout buddies didn’t let a storm keep them off the rides — even the American Plunge log flume.

“I can still see her, sopping wet, having the time of her life,” said Rachel Kessler, her former scout leader.

When Kessler learned that Chelsea, 14 and pregnant, had been killed in what prosecutors say was a murder-for-hire scheme, she was shocked.

Boy, 17, charged in girl’s killing

Chelsea Brooks — nine months pregnant and just out of eighth grade — was strangled in a contract killing, prosecutors alleged Tuesday in documents charging a 17-year-old with capital murder and kidnapping.

Pair face charges of capital murder

Two Wichita men were charged Wednesday with capital murder in the strangulation death of 14-year-old Chelsea Brooks.

Slain teen had been pressured, filing says

Months before two men found the body of a pregnant 14-year-old girl by a wheat field, her mother alleged in a court document that Elgin “Ray-Ray” Robinson Jr. did more than impregnate her daughter.

In seeking a protective order on behalf of her daughter Chelsea, Terri Brooks also accused Robinson of pressuring the girl to keep quiet so he could stay out of jail.

Man, 49, is third held in killing

Sedgwick County Jail records on Sunday revealed the name of a second adult arrested in connection with the murder of 14-year-old Chelsea Brooks.

Theodore G. Burnett, 49, was arrested Friday on other charges, but he wasn’t listed in connection with the murder charge until Saturday.

Two other people have also been arrested in connection with the case. A 19-year-old, Elgin R. Robinson, was the first suspect named in the case. A 17-year-old male has not been identified.

2 more arrested in girl’s killing

Two more people have been arrested in the death of 14-year-old Chelsea Brooks.

Sedgwick County Jail records show that one of the suspects, Elgin R. Robinson, who listed an address in the 3600 block of East Oneida, was booked at 2:30 a.m. Saturday on one count of first-degree murder. His bond was set at $1 million.

Friends of the family said Saturday that Chelsea had a relationship with Robinson and that they had seen the two together at this year’s River Festival.

Girl was sweet, studious, ‘wise beyond her years’

At Chelsea Brooks’ house on Friday, people stood in the yard hugging each other. One woman held a baby; young women cried; three young men shooed away strangers and reporters.

“It’s too soon for the family to talk today,” one man said. “Come back tomorrow.”

Several miles to the east, a friend of Chelsea’s named Ciana Turner was baby-sitting little kids. She wondered what was going on at Chelsea’s house. She wondered how they took the news there.

Ciana is 14, and remembers her close friend as a sweet girl who felt deep embarrassment at getting pregnant nine months ago at the age of 14. A mistake made with a boyfriend, Ciana said.

It makes no sense that she’s been murdered, Ciana said.

Animals like that do not belong outside of prison. They think that they can get away with killing whites like they do in South Affrica. When will it end?

2 Responses to “A smart, smiling girl with a secret”

  1. John D. Horton said

    You will notice that the newspapers never mention that the killers and rapist are all black men and the victim a white female child? If three white men had raped and murdered a black girl the newspapers would be reporting the race of the killers over and over. In North Carolina, the black female victim had the race of the white male Duke students constantly on the news. Why is their this anti-white bias in the media?

  2. Susie Carey said

    It will stop when we get rid of liberals, arm ourselves and defend ourselves and our familes. Don’t just “impose” the deeath sentence…USE it and use it within 6 months of conviction

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