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Suspects in double murder linked to other killings

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 3, 2006

(6/26/06 – KTRK/HOUSTON) – Five suspects connected to the murder of a young woman are now charged in the murders of two more people. Investigators released the new information Monday afternoon.

Animals like that should be locked up, or given the death penalty. If they take a life, then they forfeit there lives.

One Response to “Suspects in double murder linked to other killings”

  1. Susie Carey said

    You can put them all in prison…at OUR expense or you can spend 50 cents for a bullet and put an end to these animals..They say there is too much over crowding in prisons anyway, I feed, cloth and house this animals and it’s a big joke to them.. I say if they don’t want to work (hard labor) in prison, then they don’t eat. We can solve the over crowding but puting them in 8 hour shifts.8 hours in the cell, 8 hours at hard labor and 8 hours in the excercide yard, on a rotating basis, we could hold 3 times the prisoners, or as I would prefer, just shoot them.

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