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Anti-white-male ad doesn’t amuse

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 25, 2006

Washington Mutual is a $350 billion bank, based in Seattle, that does extensive business in California and is currently running a series of anti-white-male ads. The ads are known as the Banker’s Pen. They show a group of middle-aged white males locked in a pen. All of them are wearing suits and ties, many are smoking cigars and most are balding and pudgy.

They think that it is ok to have anti-white ads and they get away with it. I bet if it was all blacks in the pen, they would be screaming racism and slavery. It is common in the ad industry to have anti-white ads or anti-white programs, even though they are racist towards whites, the programs on tv remain.,1375,VCS_125_4831972,00.html

One Response to “Anti-white-male ad doesn’t amuse”

  1. Barth D. said

    Yes. Anti-establishment – those who would deny equitability in resource allocation to those who truly need it. Having been bred as animals for centuries then turned loose, and you have the gall to criticize? Your people CREATED this mess! YOU are why there are so many problems. Don’t put your dog down for chewing your slipper, Massa!

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