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Exxon Mobil 2Q Profit Jumps 36 Percent

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 29, 2006

Exxon Mobil Corp. said Thursday it earned $10.36 billion in the second quarter, the second largest quarterly profit ever recorded by a publicly traded U.S. company.

The earnings figure was 36 percent above the profit it reported a year ago. High oil prices helped boost its revenue by 12 percent to a level just short of a quarterly record.

All they care about is money. The higher the gas prices rise, the richer they get along with the politicians and the President that they have in their pockets. The government passes laws and give tax breaks to the big oil companies so that they get richer and the politicians in Washington D.C. get richer along side them. There is no reason gas prices should be that high. Politicians and the President care only about how the American tax payers and big oil companies can
make them money. They do not care that most of the American public is at or below the poverty line. The government does not want to spend money to help Americans. Just look at the billions of dollars the government gives to other countries, with
Israel at the top of that list. If the American government really cared about Americans, then they would stop the tax breaks to big oil companies, they would help bring the price of gas down, they would make it legal for Americans to make there own ethanol so that they can be self sufficient. If Americans spent less on gas, then they would have money to spend on the things they need to survive.

All you see is politicians looking for a chance to give themselves a pay raise while the working class gets poorer. Politicians look at Americans as people who they can exploit to the fullest extremes. We live in a corrupt government with no way out.

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