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Who comes first, America or the rest of the world?

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 29, 2006

I watched the president on CNN talk about supporting Israel. They also said that Israel receives billions of dollars a year in aid. Look at what they use with the money; they buy weapons and go to war with neighboring countries. Also do not forget that does not include the billions that go to other countries and the billions that have been wasted in Iraqi. I wonder when people will stop and really think about what is going on there.

When you consider all the billions of dollars going over seas, look at the financial problems Americans are facing today and all the jobs that are lost when companies move to another county so that they can make more money. How many are homeless because of that and the lack of support they get from our government? The money that sent to other countries for starters, could be better spent here in America taking care of Americans. Why should Americans take a back seat? Why should Americans be last? Why do Americans have to financially support the rest of the world when some can not even afford to buy food for their kids while working on minimum wage?

It just boils down to helping Americans first and every other country second. Americans should not be at the end of the list of who get aid. It shows who politicians care about, themselves. The politicians are the only ones profiting from giving Israel all that money. When big oil companies get tax breaks, or increase the price of gas, Politicians get richer and that includes the President. Do you really think the President would do anything that was not in the best interest of Oil Companies?

Look at how the government strips away the rights of Americans, all in the name of National Security and profit. When will people wake up and say, “NO MORE “. Americans should not accept any erosion of their civil liberties, even if they think it will make them safer. A responsible effective working government should care more about its people and will not sacrifice the publics’ freedoms and civil liberties in the name of security.

The president has been usurping authority from Congress and abusing individual privacy rights. Also he is abusing his power and authority. He is trying to expand his authority past the legal limit given to him by the Constitution and all of this in the name of fighting terrorism. Bush has made broad use of his powers, authorizing warrantless wiretaps, possibly collecting telephone records on millions of Americans. He has pushed Congress to grant him vast anti-terrorism powers in the recently extended Patriot Act.

When will Americans start electing real leaders and not ex-lawyers, ex-judges, and rich snobs with deep pockets of old family money? We need to start making decisions that are in the best interest of Americans. We need to get rid of lobbyists who twist this government in to a money machine for companies that have politicians in their back pockets. We also need to vote out the politicians that think they are above the law and think they can get away with anything. I could do a better job than President Bush. Just do not know how to get on the next election as an Independent, if there is time and I do not have the money.



Long ago all it took was a drive to make America a better place to live and it did not take much money to accomplish this goal. Farmers became politicians and presidents. Now you have lawyers, judges, and the rich spending tons of money to get in to office. What a sad change that has happened between the beginning of America to present day.

Maybe you can do some thing to change America back. Copy and past in to a message the following and send it to any and every politician out there. Let “For the people, by the people”, stand for something again.

Dear Congressman/Senator,

The most common complaint I hear from friends and relatives and co-workers – i.e. the majority of the voters – real live people – is that the Congress “does not represent me! [i.e. the living people of all walks of life]”

I wish to quote an item I found in

Long before the birth of the American Republic, the British crown adapted the corporation that was the form of ancient universities into a device to dominate British colonies throughout the world, including those on this continent. Through their “crown corporations” the Kings of England and their designated agents governed, taxed, and controlled the production and trade and skimmed off the profits of their colonial lands and subjects, enforcing their reign by military means. When our forebears revolted, defeated the British, and formed the United States, we also wiped out the King’s corporations. They ceased to exist here. That was part of what independence meant to our founding fathers.

By the time of our civil war, however, the “robber barons,” those famous, greedy, wealthy, ruthless American industrialists, had again found ways to establish device of British kings to their own aggrandizement. In court case after court case for almost a century and a half, corporation lawyers have refined and perfected the legal immunities and powers of these artificial, state-created, wealth-hoarding, irresponsible entities. Beginning in 1886, they prevailed upon the U.S. Supreme Court to grant them virtually all of the constitutional rights of citizens. This in effect allowed them to resume the role of their royal predecessors in ruling the country. In cahoots with their banks, huge corporations now control America’s body politic by reason of their bald-faced purchases of the three branches of the American government and America’s major media.

In consequence, by the beginning of the 21st Century the United States had ceased to function as a republic, much less as a democracy. These giant corporations, headed in most instances by members of an extremely wealthy elite group of multimillionaires and even billionaires, subvert healthy enterprise and true entrepreneurship. One percent of those at the top of the economic scale now have as much wealth as the bottom 95%, and the ratio keeps worsening. We humans, reduced to being “the non-corporate citizens” of the United States, retain only those rights and benefits that Corporate America allows us. Corporations in essence now elect and control our government, write virtually all its laws, and have control of the police, the courts, and the military.

This same Corporate America, ensconced now as “the only superpower,” through its foreign subsidiaries and the state-corporate world-governing instruments, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund, effectively controls the entire world. We Americans have come full circle in these past 225 years. We overthrew the British King’s corporate rulers in 1776, but now we suffer the domination of American corporate rulers who are also colonizing the rest of the world on behalf of themselves. [end]

My questions to you:

Who do you represent – the voters (living people) who voted you into office or the corporations (artificial entities)?

Do the corporations (artificial entities) have a power to vote for the Congressional office? In other words, does one vote in any election represent one live person or one artificial entity?

If you represent living people who voted you into office, then why do corporations (artificial entities) have more say on issues in the halls of Congress than living people?

Would you listen to us, “we the people”, as living individuals or families more if we living individuals/families formed a “corporation”?

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