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Rape charges against youths racially motivated, families say

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 29, 2006

LOCKPORT – Four teenagers charged in the gang rape of a disabled classmate in May have been released from jail, and family members of the suspects said during a hearing Wednesday that the charges are racially motivated.

Dontre R. Woods, Dartain M. Ubiles, Nicholas M. Smith and Antonio J. Sheppard have all been charged in the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl.

Where are the parents and why didn’t they bring their kids up the right way? Why did their parents let their kids think that this kind of behavior was acceptable in a civilized world. These kids are starting at a young age to be acting like animals. If it was a black woman that was raped by whites, then it would not be the same. It is sick that these animals would rape a disabled little girl while they recorded every thing. A bunch of sick freaks is what they are. Their parents should get some kind of punishment for allowing their kids to think that it was ok to rape a disabled little girl. People like that give people the idea that all blacks are animals to let their kids behave in this kind of manor in modern society.

3 Responses to “Rape charges against youths racially motivated, families say”

  1. Susie Carey said

    We can sent these mad dogs to jail at our expense or we could invest a mere 50 cents for a bullet each…I would be very happy to buy the first box of ammo.

  2. Dontre is my cousin and he did not do that he has a good mother who go to church and so does Dontre he has a little brother who good who goes to church. The other boyz might have done it but not dontre the girl is prabably not tellin the truth. You need to listen to both sides.

  3. Just because a person goes to church does not mean he is not capable of committing the crime.

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