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Rev. Al Sharpton stiring up more trouble between blacks and whites

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 29, 2006

Sharpton Voices Concern Over Lack Of Power Restoration, Asks Ameren To Lower Rates By Ten Percent

(KSDK) – The Rev. Al Sharpton was in St. Louis Tuesday voicing his concern over outages and rates customers are paying.

That fat loud mouth over rated pig has the nerve to come down there and talk like that. He looks at any situation to put his face in the spotlight and sturup racial tension between blacks and whites. He is helping no one but himself. I man who walks among the less fortunet in a suit that cost more than a yearly wage, is some one who can not be trusted. He needs to shut his allagator mouth. He has money, but do you see him using it in public to help blacks and whites, No you do not. He is a self centered egomaniac who is in love with himself and the IDEA of helping blacks, but only to the point that they make him richer and richer.

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