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Man Wanted In Aggravated Robbery At Fast Food Restaurant

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on July 31, 2006

FORT WORTH, Texas – Police are searching for a man who violently struck a customer and stole his wallet at the McDonald’s restaurant in the 800 block of E. Main Street in Grand Prairie. The 66-year-old victim suffered a laceration on his lip, a bloody nose, and a broken jaw during the incident at about 1:15 p.m. Monday.

Caught on Tape: Man Punched, Mugged In McDonald’s

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – Grand Prairie police are on the hunt for a restaurant robber with a brutal punch. The attack happened Monday night at the McDonald’s in the 800 block of E. Main Street. Wayne Moore, 66, stopped at McDonalds on his way home from a ball game. Surveillance video shows another man at the register knocking Moore out cold. The robber then rifles through Moore’s pockets and runs out with his wallet.

All of that for $2. What a stupid animal. Attacking a guy just because he was white. I bet they do not even file hate crime charges against the guy that did the attack.

13 Responses to “Man Wanted In Aggravated Robbery At Fast Food Restaurant”

  1. Barth D. said

    You idiot – “attacking a guy just because he was white?” Are you serious? He attacked him because the man was an easy target! An old fart not paying attention to his surroundings late at night in a bad area! Fool! You just WANT it to be a hate crime, instead of facing facts. Crackhead MFs do not discriminate who they rip off, they simply want the goods.

  2. So when the roles are reversed and a white guy does the same thing, they call it a hate crime. When a black person does not get a job because they are not qualified, they scream racism.

  3. Barth D. said

    Four centuries of eugenics and whole-sale slaughter, then you turn em loose when you’ve taken everything away, and are shocked when they’re not properly equipped with the social tools to compete in your world? The pendulum must swing to achieve balance.

  4. Blacks need to stop using the past as an excuse to justify their actions. A person is only oppressed as long as they allow it to happen. A neighborhood is only a ghetto when the people living there allow it to happen. The crack dealer on a street corner dealing drugs is only allowed to be there because the community does not stand up and say no. Also you need to look at what is happening in South Africa and the whole-sale slaughter of white farmers. The pendulum is still swinging and it starts to slow down when blacks stop using the past to justify their actions today. Why don’t educated blacks help to equipe their fellow men with the right tools? Why don’t educated blacks bring businesses back to the towns they left? Blacks have the tools to better their lives, but instead of helping they would rather blame it on the past for how they are today.

  5. max said

    “Four centuries of eugenics and whole-sale slaughter, then you turn em loose when you’ve taken everything away, and are shocked when they’re not properly equipped with the social tools to compete in your world? The pendulum must swing to achieve balance.”

    Yes, I agree the pendulum must swing. We tried bringing them into the fold and it didn’t work. Its time to go back to a time when something like this was dealt with on the street harshly.

    In the mean time I would advise a boycott of that area by every white person. Go to the Ranger game and then spend your money outside the DMZ.

  6. Chris S. said

    Life without parole. Done. Game over. I hope they catch the little #$%^&*^&*(!

  7. Bob said

    I have to agree with mythoughtsandnews you can’t just blame stuff on things that happend years ago. Laws are Laws, if you don’t like your just a stupid Nigger and you can look it up it’s in the right contence of saying it.

  8. ohtelephone said

    First the use of the N word is never acceptable, second, neither is using the words ‘stupid animal’ when referring to anyone, let alone a black person. Do you know what drove him to commit this crime? No, neither do I, maybe he’s just a bad apple. You cant just call him an animal, he’s not, he is a human, even if he’s not a very nice one. I’ve been a victim of crime, strangely my attackers were white. Are they animals? Quit this racist language.

  9. ohtelephone said

    Oh and by the way, I’m white, my girlfriend is black, I’ve seen life in Michigans ghettos, and I can tell you, city councils have more to do with areas being poor than a bunch of minorities just not giving a shit. The fact is, white people need to accept their racism, and its effects. You affect people by discriminating against them. Predominantly black schools get little funding, most of the students get bad grades, they cant get jobs, what do they do? what would you do? It’s pretty simple.

  10. Any one who acts like that is an animal plain and simple. Also it is not the city councils that make a ghetto, because the people living there elect them. So the people have the power to change there environment by first standing up for themselves. If you see some thing you do not like, you just do not stand there and let it happen; you change it and not stand by and blame it on whites.
    If the people in the town elect the city council, then why is it whites fault? When blacks stop blaming whites for their problems, then maybe they will start standing up for themselves without using racism from whites as a crutch.
    The people living in the city have the power to change a ghetto in to some thing better, but they would rather lay back and let the city council walk all over them.

  11. ohtelephone said

    I found that many in the black and Hispanic community desperatly wanted the council to help them. They attended and spoke at meetings. They do vote, but they are minorities, the clue is in the word, and if you think that the people who run for city council care about the minority vote, you’d be wrong; very little time is spent letting minority communities know there is even a vote taking place.

    And by the way, I’ve experienced racism, by black bus bus drivers on the greyhound service. The nature of the racism was not letting me on the bus because my girlfriend was black. I was furious, I stood up to it, and they let me on, grudgingly. So I know both sides, I’m not some white liberal talking nonsense. I’m white and liberal yes, but I like to think I look at things in a fair and balanced way (unlike fox news) I have experience of what its like to be black and American, and i think if you did too, you’d think a lot like me.

  12. If the council will not help them, then it is still up to them not to let a neighborhood turn in to a ghetto. It is up to the people to turn in drug dealers when they see them. It is up to the people to clean up the neighborhood, but what do they do, they sit back and do nothing just because the city council does not help them. There are things they can do without the city council’s help.

  13. ohtelephone said

    And as i said, they started to do various things, they did what they could. Drug Dealers will always be around, it’s an economic reality in a deprived area. Crime flourishes where poverty resides. And why do you think people dont turn in drug dealers? Do you understand how a drug dealer works? The drug delaer you see on the street is most likely working for someone else, someone bigger, making more money, people are scared of retaliation. Also, another ne will just appear in his place. they are queing up, because it’s a living. Crime flourishes where poverty resides.

    To a black child, failed by the education system, what choices are there? McDonalds? No, the money is in drugs, sports, music. Which of those would you say is easiest to get into? To get rid of drug dealers, we need to address poverty. Parts of America are practically third world. People ignore this poverty or blame it on the minorities being lazy. I met a black guy in a library one day, he was writing a rap song, it was awful. I asked him what he was doing, and he was brutally honest. He said it’s either this or deal drugs, and he didnt want to be a criminal. Just looking at him, you’d probably think he was a criminal, a thug, when in fact he was incredibly bright, and hated crime, he was terrified he’d have to resort to it. He’d tried for jobs, and been rejected, he claimed it was partly racism, but mostly his lack of education, he didnt blame me, or any other white person, he just accepted it and got on with it. He had a family to feed, and that was his story. You should spend time in a minority community before you make such uninformed comments.

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