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School, teacher on trial

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 29, 2006

Students at a Charleston County school were so racially hostile that some teachers say they preferred teaching in prisons or serving during the Vietnam War, according to testimony in the first day of a federal lawsuit against the district.

Elizabeth Kandrac and other white teachers have said students at the predominantly black Brentwood Middle School threatened and verbally abused them. Kandrac is suing the Charleston County School District, saying her complaints of harassment were ignored by her principal and the district. “I was treated with much more respect at Lieber prison than I would ever dream of at Brentwood,” said Elizabeth Wallace Jones, a former school nurse, said in testimony Monday.

At least in war you know who the enemy is and you have the tools to fight back.You have respect from your men. You do not get that if you are a teacher. Soldiers are not like students who are spoiled undignified rotten to the core brats. The teachers support this country, but that can not be said for the spoiled brats that they teach. Teachers should be respected for the sacrifices that they have made so that spoiled brats can go to school.

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Israel knew 9/11 was going to happen.

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 22, 2006

Israel knew that 9/11 was going to happen. September 11th could only have happened with the help of the American government and Israel in my mind and others. To say that those men that where only observing the event and did not know it was going to happen is a bunch of horse manuer. I remember the news that day and they said that those men had set up a truck at a safe distence and where waiting for the event to happen. How can the government say that those men had no idea what was going to happen when they where waiting at a safe distance? The government knew what was going to happen and they are just covering their butts.
Just because the government tells you some thing is true, does not mean it is true. The government thinks that Americans are stupid. The government tells Americans what to think, what is true and what is not true.

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Bush to Israel: ‘Take your time destroying Lebanon’

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 22, 2006

The widespread destruction of a defenseless Lebanon-its civilians, its life-sustaining public services, its environment – is a grim and indelible testament to your consummate cruelty and ignorance. Nearly two weeks ago when your tardy Secretary of State met with the Israeli Prime Minister, the message she carried was summarized in a large headline across page one of an Israeli newspaper, “TAKE YOUR TIME.”

Yes, take your time, says George W. Bush, pulverizing fleeing refugees in cars full of families, bombing apartment buildings, hospitals and the poor huddled in large South Beirut slums.

Bush has only Israel’s best interests in mind and not the American people.

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Bush pledges $230m in Lebanon aid

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 22, 2006

President George W Bush has announced that the US is to boost its aid package to Lebanon to $230m.

The money would be used to help rebuild Lebanese homes and infrastructure, he told reporters at the White House.

Bush is playing both sides of the fence.
Bush gives money, sells weapons, and supplies to Israel. Now Bush is giving
money to Lebanon. What this boils down to is that American taxpayers are
supporting both sides of war in the Middle-East. The bulldozers that breakdown
and clean up the houses that Israel bombs are paid for by American taxpayers.
The government is wasting American taxpayer dollars and they refuse to let them
have a say in what is done with their money

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Jeb Bush, just as currupt as his brother.

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 22, 2006

$491 million NAFTA rail deal
Whistleblower says it’s about carrying cheap China goods


A $491 million public-financing deal promoted by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as a boon to commuters actually paves the way for shipping more cheap goods from China to the North American marketplace, charges a whistleblower.

First Jeb gets his brother elected to president, now he makes a deal with China to make more money on the backs of taxpayers. I guess it runs in the family, total disrespect for the office they hold and the American people.

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U.S. taxpayers subsidizing Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 21, 2006

Obscure 17-year-old oil pricing formula pays up to $1 million a day to harsh critic.

When Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticizes the U.S., makes threats to cut off oil exports, cozies up to Fidel Castro, props up other leftist governments in South America or negotiates a major weapons deal with Russia, he puts U.S. taxpayers’ money where his mouth is, thanks to a deal approved by the IRS in 1989.

James Williams, an Arkansas-based oil analyst with WTRG Economics, estimates that an obscure 17-year-old pricing formula between Venezuela’s state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela and its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Citgo Petroleum Corp., is worth up to $1 million a day to Chavez.

Under the agreement, approved by the IRS when oil prices were about 25 percent of what they are today, Citgo is forced to buy PDVSA’s crude for at least $5 a barrel over the market price. This results in a reduction in Citgo’s taxable earnings in the U.S. and an increase in Venezuela’s profits by hundreds of million of dollars annually.

How many other programs like this that are sucking up American taxpayer dollars? Bush can sit there with a smile on his face, because he is laughing at how stupid and gullible Americans are to let this go with no stopping him. Bush and the American government do not care about Americans, they only care about how Americans can make him rich. When Bush ends his 8 years in office, he will be sitting back in the life of luxury at the expense of Americans. Do you think Bush is really going to give up his job, considering the powers he gave himself by executive order to bypass the Constitution and stay in office?

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Jury convicts New Year killer in 30 minutes

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 19, 2006

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) — A man was convicted Thursday of the random mutilation killings of a musician and his family, a verdict that took just 30 minutes to reach and could bring the death penalty.

I hope they fry his ass for what he did.

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