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Tape Shows Reaction To Robber’s Slaying

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 3, 2006

TAMPA – Moments after 24-year-old Shantavious Wilson was struck and killed on a Polk Street sidewalk, Thai restaurant owner Lawrence Storer got out of his Ford Explorer, crouched over the body and waved a pointed finger.

A grainy surveillance video, shot from a federal building across the street, includes no sound but shows Storer yelling at the body for several seconds. He walks away, pumping a closed fist into the air.

For the next several minutes, Storer is seen pacing back and forth, talking to a security guard.

The video is a key piece of evidence prosecutors showed a jury Tuesday. Prosecutors are trying to prove Storer is guilty of manslaughter in Wilson’s death.

No one disputes that Wilson was robbing Storer in October 2003, shortly before Wilson was run down and killed, prosecutors said. At the scene, police found a plastic bag of change that Wilson stole from Storer’s restaurant, Sumos Thai Cafe.

What is wrong with this? Guy gets robbed. Guy runs down robber. Robber gets portrayed as an innocent man. That is messed up. Robbers have more rights than the ones being robbed.

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