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Venezuela recalls ambassador from Israel

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 5, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday he has withdrawn his country’s ambassador from Israel to show his “indignation” over the military offensive in Lebanon.

“We have ordered the withdrawal of our ambassador in Israel,” Chavez said in a televised speech, calling Israeli attacks in Lebanon “genocide.”

How many people must die before the world sees Israel as the foreseen anti-Christ that will lead the destructors of the world? Every one should pull their troops and financial aid from Israel. See how long the war lasts when they do not have the support and financial support of the world. When Israel barks an order, Bush sits up and says “Yes OH great masters tell me and I WILL do your bidding.

2 Responses to “Venezuela recalls ambassador from Israel”

  1. lenny said

    I can see why you would be anti-Israel but you seem to have taken it irrationally far, to the point where you seem to be vehemntly pro-anyone-against-Israel. This is a mistake. These mohammedans are not our friends (Neither are radical anti-white marxists like chavez), not at all. Yet you and others seem to be borderline converts to Islam with the way you praise them and openly & vigourously support them. In fact you seem to support these hostile foreign muslims more than you support your own people. This is not nationalism.

    A true nationalist movement should be pro-____ (fill in blank with whatever you identify as your people), not anti-____ as a raison d’etre. In this case, being anti-Jews/pro-anyone-against-Jews is just ridiculous and does not really help anything or further your nationalism. As far as I’m concerned the true european nationalist should be anti-Israel AND anti-Islamic, favoring neither one over the other.

  2. I am not PRO-ANYONE-AGAINST-ISRAEL, I just have a problem when a country has a say in how the world should run. I have a problem with a country telling America what is right and what they say is wrong. I have a problem with a country using financial aid to fund their war against anyone who they do not like. I have a problem when that money could help the poor and needy in America. I also have a problem with a country that tells everyone else to get rid of their weapons of mass destruction, but continues to keep their stockpile well stocked.
    They tell America not to put up a fence and then they do the opposite. I have a problem when they say that supremacy can only be tied to whites. Israel is the one that are the true supremacist. I believe that America must get back to it’s roots, start running America by Americans and not having old money dictate what gets done in America.

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