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America gets ready for new Jewish-themed cable network

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 17, 2006

First there was the Kinky Friedman documentary Shalom Y’All, and now there’s Rabbi Mark S. Golub’s Shalom TV. On August 30, Golub will launch America’s first national television channel dedicated to celebrating Jewish life and culture. The channel will initially be available as an on-demand network costing subscribers $7.99 monthly and will present 50 hours of programming weekly only to those living in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. The aim, however, is eventually to expand to the entire continental US, Golub says.

You can have an all Black TV Station (BET), an all Hispanic TV Station, and now you can have an all Jewish TV Station (Shalom TV), but it would be considered racist to have an all White TV Station. They scream racism when there is not enough blacks or minorities in a commercial or on a TV show. You can even have an all Black fraternity, but it is illegal to have an all White fraternity. It happened some years ago at a college. An all white fraternity was told that they MUST allow minorities to join or their charter WILL be revoked. So they are saying that racism can ONLY happen when it is directed towards Non-Whites or Jews.

2 Responses to “America gets ready for new Jewish-themed cable network”

  1. And All-Jewish channel? Hmmm. I guess that gives a whole new meaning to the term “shoah business”.

    Not only the blacks and the mestizos have their own channels, but even the homos have their own channel. I was shocked to find out how much pro-gay campiness there was in Will Ferrell’s new movie “Talladega Nights”. Yet we whites can’t have our own channel.

    However, that’s slowly changing. We’re building our own media, line upon line, precept upon precept. While Hal Turner’s “brutal commentary and rich satire” puts him on top of the list, Goeff Beck and Hawthorne have their own shows over at VNN, VonBluvens still does radio, and Stormfront has a few programs going. Itz coming, itz!

  2. Hot Man said

    I think a Jewish oreanted channel is a great idea. Though 7.99 is alot for a channel, if the content is good it is worth it. Hopefully they will strive, and I will order it soon.

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