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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

Mugabe admits land-grab failure

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 17, 2006

President Robert Mugabe admitted yesterday that Zimbabweans were “begging” for food because of his mass seizure of white-owned farms.

After years of official claims that his land policies would improve production and guarantee self-sufficiency, he confessed that many of those awarded white-owned farms were doing nothing with their gains.

“If farming is not in your blood, switch to what you are good at,” Mr Mugabe told supporters in the capital, Harare. “We want those with land to use it. We don’t want to keep begging for food.”

Mugabe forgot to mention that part of the land grab included slaughtering white people. The mainstream news media still refuses to report on the genocide of whites that was part of Mugabe’s land grab plan.

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