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School, teacher on trial

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 29, 2006

Students at a Charleston County school were so racially hostile that some teachers say they preferred teaching in prisons or serving during the Vietnam War, according to testimony in the first day of a federal lawsuit against the district.

Elizabeth Kandrac and other white teachers have said students at the predominantly black Brentwood Middle School threatened and verbally abused them. Kandrac is suing the Charleston County School District, saying her complaints of harassment were ignored by her principal and the district. “I was treated with much more respect at Lieber prison than I would ever dream of at Brentwood,” said Elizabeth Wallace Jones, a former school nurse, said in testimony Monday.

At least in war you know who the enemy is and you have the tools to fight back.You have respect from your men. You do not get that if you are a teacher. Soldiers are not like students who are spoiled undignified rotten to the core brats. The teachers support this country, but that can not be said for the spoiled brats that they teach. Teachers should be respected for the sacrifices that they have made so that spoiled brats can go to school.

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