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Town harrases group known as Prussian Blue and puts them in harms way.

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on September 19, 2006

Sept. 15, 2006 — In the picturesque northwest corner of Montana only 30 miles from Glacier National Park, signs have begun to appear on windows in the city of Kalispell that proclaim “No Hate Here.”

What’s the fuss all about?

At first, it seems difficult to believe that the focus of the campaign is two 14-year-old twin girls.
Then it becomes clear.

The two teens are those spokeskids for white separatists, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, who vaulted to international attention after they appeared on ABC’s “Primetime” last year.

The girls, their mother, April, and stepfather Mark Harrington recently moved to Montana from Bakersfield, Calif., after April told “Primetime” that Bakersfield was “not white enough.” Now Kalispell has put the family on notice, “Not in my backyard.”

Last week a group of neighbors printed information sheets about the family and distributed them door to door.

This letter is not written as a means to harass the family or to begin a witch hunt,” the flier said. “We wish the family no harm. Our goal is to peacefully communicate that this kind of hate and ignorance will not be accepted here in our neighborhood where we live and raise our families.”

Who are they kidding? They went after those two girls with the intent of putting them and their family in harms way. To purposely tell every one where they live is to advocate violence. They act like they want those two girls dead and they will not stop until it happens.

It is not up to the News Media to dictate what people must do or how they must live. If some one does some thing that they do not like, they go after them and they do not care if they get killed. They will just say it was their own fault. What a bunch of sick pedophile bastards.

I might not like rap, but you do not see me hunting down rap stars and harrassing them the same way that they are harrassing those little girls.

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