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Boycott Miller Beer

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on September 20, 2006

It’s Miller Time for Illegal Aliens

This weekend illegal aliens and their advocates marched on House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s Batavia, IL office to promote a plan to end deportations and legalize those illegally in the U.S. This event was brought to you by Miller! Miller Brewing Company, part of London based SAB Miller, spent $30,000 for materials, a planning convention and advertising for the protest.

In an April 30 press release, Miller Brewing Company expressed opposition to the border security and immigration enforcement bill H.R. 4437. Miller Brewing Company’s press release expressed “our desire for appropriate immigration reform that provides adequate protection for the rights of undocumented immigrants.”

No one has the right to enter into or remain in a sovereign nation without the permission of that nation’s government. Miller Brewing Company’s press release states that the company’s founder, Frederick Miller, immigrated to the U.S. in 1855. Unlike the illegal aliens Miller Brewing is supporting in this protest, Miller presumably immigrated legally which he still could do today. Currently the U.S. government issues six types of work visas as well as visas for other purposes. The U.S. also grants approximately 950,000 permanent residence visas each year.

What about the people that are already here legal? You do not see Miller Brewing Company helping end hunger in the United States. You do not see Miller Brewing Company donating for after school activities. You do not see Miller Brewing Company help end homelessness. What you do see instead is Miller Brewing Company lending aid to Illegal Immigrants.

Miller Brewing Company is as corrupt as the American Government. They both do not care for the rights or for the protection of American people. They only care about how much money they can end up making off of hiring Illegal Immigrants. They want a divided country where only Mexicans have control.
If Miller Brewing Company can not put the same effort in to every one else and since they want to only help Illegal Immigrants jump the border, I say boycott them. Do not buy their products. Do not go to any of their events.

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