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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.


Posted by mythoughtsandnews on September 23, 2006

Petaluma police report that a 19-year-old black man who claimed he was attacked on an early Sept. 4 morning in a racially motivated assault was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy and falsely reporting a crime.

According to police, Eric Young said he was walking in the area of Howard and Prospect streets on a Monday at 12:04 a.m. when a young told him he did not belong in the neighborhood, made racial slurs and attacked him. Police report that the 19-year-old claimed several more people joined in the assault before they all fled. He said he called a friend who took him to Petaluma Valley Hospital, where he was treated for a shoulder injury, according to police.

After an “intense” investigation launched because of the seriousness of the alleged crime, Petaluma investigators re-interviewed Young and say they began to notice inconsistencies in his story, ranging from the extent of his injuries to descriptions of his alleged assailants.

It takes them that long to figure out that so-called hate crimes against blacks are false most of the time. Just because a black says a white person attacked them, police take their word even though they are lying.

Just goes to show that blacks are more racist towards whites on a daily basis. If it was not for the news media, false reports that lead to false arrests against whites would drop.

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