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Pedophile Politicians to pass new strip search law.

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on September 24, 2006

WASHINGTON – Even though student molestations seem to be reaching epidemic proportions in schools across America, the House of Representatives has approved a tough new anti-drug and anti-weapon law that would require local districts to develop search policies – including strip searches – with immunity against prosecution for teachers and staff.

Schools would have to develop policies for searching students, or face the loss of some federal funding, under the bill – HR 5295, approved by a voice vote Tuesday. It moves to the Senate, which does not have similar legislation pending at this time.

The American Civil Liberties Union, the American Federation of Teachers, the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the National Parent Teacher Association, the American Association of School Administrators and the National School Boards Association all opposed the bill saying it could invite unconstitutional searches. The National Education Association supports the legislation, according to the

The bill was the brainchild of Rep.Geoff Davis, R-Kentucky, who said the idea was to “put a process in place so that the teachers don’t have any fear of liability, but at the same time it protects the rights of the students from an unreasonable search.”

The bill says only that search methods cannot be “excessively intrusive.”

How can the rights of students be protected from unreasonable searches and not have the searches be excessively intrusive? So searches can not be “excessively intrusive”, but they can be intrusive up to the point of being just less of excessive. Along with that, teachers and staff will not be held accountable or have any fear of prosecution for molesting children. Who says what is and what is not “excessively intrusive”, politicians, teachers, or parents?

If you wanted drugs out of schools, then you need drug sniffing dogs to sniff every student every day. Also have drug dogs sniff lockers before and after school to make sure nothing gets in to the schools. That also includes teachers and staff. At least that way no teacher or staff, that holds pedophile tenancies, will be able to hide behind the law.

Teachers are supposed to teach and not abuse their positions. I do not want a bunch of sick perverted pedophile bastard to be putting my kids in harms way.

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