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Animal-Rights Groups File Suit To Ban Trapping In Minnesota

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on September 28, 2006

ST. PAUL, MN—The U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance’s Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund (SLDF) has filed to intervene on behalf of sportsmen in a case it says could ban trapping in Minnesota and set a far-reaching precedent regarding hunting, fishing and trapping across the country.

Animal-rights groups have filed suit against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources claiming that since Minnesota holds a population of Canada lynx—a species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)—all trapping should be stopped in order to prevent the “incidental catch of lynx.”

Tree hugging animal rights groups are just as bad as terrorist. They lie or cheat in order to ban all hunting, fishing, and trapping. They put more effort in to animals, but do not care about hungry homeless people that are feed from the meat that is donated to food shelters. They want to ban farming because they say farm animals suffer, but do not care that children go hungry and they do not care that those children that do not get milk do not grow up properly.

Animal-Rights Groups File Suit To Ban Trapping In Minnesota

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