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Schwarzenegger newest person to sell out America to Mexico

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on November 12, 2006

Lack of immigration reform “crazy”: Schwarzenegger

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Friday the federal government was “crazy” to clamp down on border security without also passing a law to allow more foreign workers into the United States.

Schwarzenegger was one of few Republicans to do well in the midterm elections after distancing himself from President Bush and taking more moderate positions. He said a U.S. plan to build more fences on the Mexican border was only a limited solution to the illegal immigration problem.

“It is crazy for the federal government not to simultaneously … also create a law where we can bring more people into the country legally,” he said during a private meeting with Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon.

California relies heavily on Mexican agricultural workers.

Schwarzenegger’s border concerns

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for reform of US immigration laws to bring more Mexicans into the country legally.
After meeting Mexico’s President-elect Felipe Calderon, Mr Schwarzenegger criticised a US plan to build more fences on the Mexican border.

He said the plan to prevent the illegal entry of Mexicans was crazy, unless more workers were allowed in legally.

Californian farmers said an immigration crackdown has caused labor shortages.

Felipe Calderon has called the planned fence deplorable.

No wonder Schwarzenegger won, any one would win if all the Mexicans living in California voted, because they out number non-Mexicans. Schwarzenegger is the latest person in the American government to sell out America. I guess they had him re-elected since he scratched the Mexican government’s back.

One minute Schwarzenegger is in favor of the 700 mile fence, and then next he is against it after meeting with the Mexican government. What a traitor.

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