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Trump sues Florida town over flag citation

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

Mogul seeks $10 million after his club is penalized for oversized old glory

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Donald Trump is suing this oceanside town for $10 million after being cited for flying an oversized American flag over his Mar-a-Lago Club.

Palm Beach sounds Anti-American. It is about time some one stands up to Anti-Americans who wish to bring America and everyone around them down.

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Nativists fan flames of U.S. immigration debate

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Reaching into the back of a truck, U.S. anti-immigration activist Don Pauly grabs a Mexican flag, a can of lighter fuel and an aluminum baking tray and heads to the curbside outside the Mexican consulate.

As a small group of police officers, protesters and puzzled bystanders look on, he douses the green, red and white flag with fuel and spits on it for good measure, while an eye-patch wearing accomplice strikes a match.

“We need to get rid of all those who are destroying our country,” Pauly said as the national colors of United States’ southern neighbor flamed out on the sidewalk in central Phoenix earlier this month. “We are being invaded.”

The founder of the Emigration Party of Nevada is among a growing number of nativists from across the United States that have been stepping up direct action in recent months to make a stand on the issues of illegal immigration and border security.

It is the American government’s fault that all of this is happening. It is the American government’s lack of response and lack of care for Americans when it comes to illegal immigration.

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Medi-Cal pays for over 100,000 births by undocumented women

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

More than 100,000 undocumented women each year bear children in California with expenses paid by Medi-Cal, according to state reports.


Such births and related expenses account for more than $400 million of the nearly $1 billion that the program spends annually on health care for illegal immigrants in California, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing state reports.

California long has been one of the more generous states in offering such benefits to illegal immigrants, covering everything from pregnancy tests to postpartum checkups.

Many illegal immigrants who might otherwise shy away from government services view care associated with childbirth as safe to seek.

“I wasn’t afraid at all,” said Sandra Andrade, an illegal immigrant from Colombia who recently gave birth at a Los Angeles hospital. “I’d always heard that pregnant women are treated well here.”

Nationally, a debate is simmering about the costs of providing medical care to illegal immigrants.

It costs America more money to allow illegal immigrants to jump the border than it does to send them back. Bush does not have a clue when it comes to illegal immigration. Also more Americans have died at the hands of illegal immigrants than all the people killed during the Iraqi War and that is a fact that the American government does not want Americans to know.

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Pacifica teens victims of alleged ‘hate crime’ in San Francisco

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

A group of four Pacifica teens were the victims of an act of violence in San Francisco Saturday as they walked to the Civic Center BART station after attending a “Rancid” concert at the Warfield at 9th and Market Streets.

A group of six African-American teens, who took a moment to first cover their faces, approached the four Pacifica teens, who happened to be Caucasian, and made a derogatory comment against white people. They attacked one Pacifica boy by punching him in the mouth. His tooth cut through his lip, causing it to bleed, and he fell to the ground. While he was on the ground, one of the attackers kicked him in the ribs. As his friends ran to his aid, they, too, were hit on the face. No one was robbed.

They need to post more stories, instead of trying to hide these type of stories.

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The Truth About Jesse

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

Jesse Jackson isn’t letting anything like a secret out-of-wedlock daughter and growing questions about his personal and organization funding get him down.

On the contrary: He’s pressing forward with his Wall Street Project, in which some of America’s largest corporations have donated millions to his network of charities and organizations.

Ostensibly, Jackson’s projects are designed to increase minority participation on Wall Street. But many corporations have learned that a hefty donation to Jackson’s causes is simply the best way to change the reverend’s political course and bring him around to their side.

And the best way to ensure Jackson’s support is to make sure that his family and close friends get a large slice of the pie. No wonder Jackson’s most recent book is entitled, “It’s About the Money: How to Build Wealth, Get Access to Capital and Achieve Your Financial Dreams.”

IT all began in the early ’80s, when Jackson’s demands moved Coca-Cola to award more distributorships to minorities. Among those who got the lucrative contracts: Jackson’s half-brother, Noah Robinson (now serving a life prison sentence for hiring gang members to kill three business associates).

In 1996, Jackson successfully pressured Texaco to pony up hundreds of millions to settle a discrimination lawsuit – even though no racial discrimination was ever proven. (A “smoking-gun” tape of company execs was later determined to contain no racial slurs.)

But Jackson had learned that companies will pay up in order to avoid bad publicity and accusations of racism – even if totally unfounded. So in 1997 he formed the Wall Street Project – which now rakes in some $10 million a year.

And as investigations by The Post, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Los Angeles Times demonstrate, Jackson’s support was easily bought. Indeed, noted the L.A. Times, “Corporations have paid handsomely to get Jackson off their backs.”

Jesse Jackson is only in it for the money. He cares only about furthering his own political agenda. He uses thug tactics to bully corporations in to giving him millions of dollars a year.

Jesse Jackson will push his nose in to any situation or any ones business in order to receive more money. He sounds and acts more like racketeering mob boss instead of some one trying to help his race. Jesse Jackson gives blacks a bad name. What they need to do is do a investigation in to every aspect of his political and business life.

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Mass. gov.-elect says no to trooper pact

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 25, 2006

BOSTON – Gov.-elect Deval Patrick said Thursday he will rescind a new agreement between the state and federal authorities that allows State
Police troopers to arrest illegal immigrants.

The incoming governor said he believes the troopers have enough to do already without having to also enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

“If I have that power, I’m going to rescind that agreement,” Patrick, a Democrat, told reporters. “I do believe I have that power.”


It is Politicians like Gov.-elect Deval Patrick that supports the downfall of America and the selling out of America to the highest bidder. Traitors like Gov.-elect Deval Patrick and Bush should not remain in office. America needs leaders that put America and Americans first above all else.

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AIM Report: U.S. Borders: Going-Going-Gone! – December B

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 25, 2006

Readers of the AIM Report are accustomed to learning of huge distortions or omissions by the media. This time, the under-reported story deals with the possible end of America, as we know it.

Major players are secretive and are trying to keep the media out of the loop. But that does not let the mainstream media off the hook. There is enough stonewalling, secrecy and there are plenty of telltale signs, so that any assignment editor whose curiosity is not aroused is probably in the wrong business.

But in terms of the national media, only Lou Dobbs of CNN has blown the whistle on a scheme whereby a North American “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” being implemented by the Department of Commerce, could pave the way for a transnational entity called the North American Union.

The implications of this scheme are staggering. Some experts say that up to a million people in Texas stand to lose their homes and 584,000 acres of rich farm and ranchland are to be destroyed, all for a privately funded highway. Of course, this is not the first time property-owners did battle with highway builders. That in itself is getting lots of media attention, but almost entirely in the regional/local media. At first glance, one might say this is a local story, so why should it go national?

But suppose you were told that this “highway” (to be built largely by foreign investors) could serve as the starting point for a much larger plan whose end result would be to erase the borders (figuratively if not literally) between the United States, Mexico, and Canada? Wouldn’t you be curious, no matter where you live? The national media isn’t interested.

The Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) is its official name. Critics call it the NAFTA Highway. The publicized TTC is being treated as a regional
story because of the disruption to Texas farmers and other property owners.

The TTC is no ordinary highway. The toll road would be four football fields wide. It includes separate lanes (up to six for automobiles, four for large trucks), plus tracks for freight trains, separate tracks for high-speed and commuter rail, also space for oil and gas pipelines, electricity wires, and broadband transmission cables.

The Associated Press (AP) has carried regional stories focused on the Texas politics of the TTC highway—the anger of the farmers and other property owners likely to get their Kelo notices soon now that the election is over. Kelo is the U.S. Supreme Court decision that said it was okay for government to take your home away from you if some big corporate hotel chain, strip mall contractor, or—in this case—foreign investor wants to build on your land and create a fatter tax base than what the government can get from ordinary home-owners.

But Freedom of Information (FOIA) e-mails suggest the TTC is but one part of the drive for a North American Union—not unlike the European Union. The vehicle for that is the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), housed in the Department of Commerce in Washington.

The Council on Foreign Relations constantly promotes the SPP and supported the conference that created it. That trilateral meeting in Waco, Texas in March of 2005 ended in a handshake between President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

A press release was all that was issued. Any formal treaty would have required ratification by the United States Senate. None was written and submitted to the Senate.

Hidden Agenda

The SPP is very secretive about the 20 “working groups” it has spawned where bureaucrats from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are rewriting proposals for our laws, regulations and trade agreements whose ultimate effect would be to create a North American Union.

The United States of America, as we know it, will soon no longer exist. Politicians are hard at work selling out Americans. Bush and Politicians are creating deals to turn America in to a dictatorship where American Freedoms WILL be striped away. No more freedom of speech. No more freedom of self expression. NO MORE FREEDOMS.

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