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Proof of Zionist Media Lies about the Holocaust Conference and David Duke

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 15, 2006

Proof: the Media Lies About the Holocaust Conference in Tehran. Here is proof of the lies of the Zionist-influenced media.

It is being reported around the world that in my speech in Tehran that I stated that the “gas chambers did not exist.” You can read and even listen to my speech right here on

I said no such thing! In fact I said specifically that I take no position on that issue but that I believe in freedom of speech and find it an outrage that men such as David Irving are in prison for simply voicing an intellectual, historical opinion. Listen to my speech yourself at!

The Zionist-influenced media has maintained that the purpose of the conference was to deny the Holocaust — when the actual,stated purpose was to provide free speech on this important historical issue and to protest against the suppression of free speech in some European
countries. The record of the conference is clear. There were many speeches at the conference that maintained the mainstream Holocaust view.

In an act of blatant deception, the Zionist-influenced media has headlined that in the closing session Iran’s President called for “wiping Israel off the map,” suggesting that he advocated a genocide or destruction of the people of Israel. One more big lie. Any tape or transcript of his speech will show that he said support around the world for Zionism is dwindling and that the Zionist Regime will be replaced by a democratic state in the same fashion that the Soviet Regime was dissolved in Russia. He specifically advocated complete civil and political rights for all residents of the region, and specifically mentioned protection for the complete civil rights for Jews and Palestinians alike, and he repeatedly stressed that all peoples should love and respect one another and must disavow violence and war.

How the Zionist media lies! Thank God we have an Internet where people can immediately learn the truth. Ten years ago these lies could be stated with no fear of contradiction, now you can hear with your own ears the truth rather than the lies of a pro-Israel media.

There is no freedom of speech when all attempts are made to suppress any one who disagrees with mainstream media in America.

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