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Thousands of ducks mysteriously dying in Idaho

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 15, 2006

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Officials scrambled on Wednesday to determine what has caused the deaths of thousands of mallard ducks in south-central Idaho near the Utah border.

Although wildlife experts are downplaying any links to bird flu, they have sent samples to government labs to test for the deadly H5N1 flu strain, among other pathogens.

Officials with the federal Bureau of Homeland Security have been also called in to help with the probe.

“We think the possibility of avian flu is very remote but we’re not ruling anything out at this point in time,” said Dave Parish, regional supervisor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. “We want to make sure all the bases are covered.”

Wildlife officials are calling the massive die-off alarming, with the number of dead mallards rising from 1,000 on Tuesday to more than 2,000 by Wednesday afternoon. “We’ve never seen anything like this — ever,” Parrish said.

A hunter alerted state conservation officials after finding a handful of dead ducks along a creek near Burley, about 150 miles southeast of Boise, on Friday.

With what happened on 9/11, do you think that the next attack will come to New York? It is easier for terrorist to sneak in to America from Mexico while bringing any weapon they want. It would be easier for terrorist to attack a small town in the middle of America than it is for them to attack a big city.

Keeping the border with Mexico wide open will only cause more trouble down the road. Some sick minded terrorist will sneak across the Mexican border with some type of weapon and attack America. It causes more damage to attack the food supply, which includes wild animals, than it does to send a plane in to a building.

If the American government does not secure the border with Mexico, then they are leaving themselves open to the destruction of their food supply and millions could die. What happened in Idaho could have been a test to see how much could be destroyed and how much more to increase the dose to destroy more than just a few thousand ducks. You never know.

The American government refuses to do anything about it. Bush says that it would cost to much to secure the borders and send illegals back to Mexico, but it could cost more in the lives that could be lost to Bush’s screw up.

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