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Bush ready to send more troops to Iraq

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 18, 2006

President George W Bush is poised to increase troop numbers in Iraq as part of a dramatic new strategy designed to regain control of Baghdad and suffocate the Sunni insurgency.

Sending more soldiers and marines to Iraq would infuriate Democrats and be a slap in the face to James Baker, the former US secretary of state who co-authored the independent Iraq Study Group report, which recommended a draw down of all combat forces by early 2008.

But an advisor involved in White House discussions said of Mr Bush: “This is the direction he’s moving in. He understands we have to win and to do that requires more troops.”

Mr Bush is debating with his aides and outside advisors how many extra troops there should be and for what period. His options range from a temporary “surge” of 20,000 troops to a “big push” involving more than 50,000.

A version of the “big push” plan – also known as the “double-down gamble” option – is supported by Senator John McCain, who is fast
becoming the Republican establishment’s choice for the 2008 presidential nomination.


You will never see Bush send his own kids to Iraq. It is to easier to command from a distance than it is to command at the front.

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