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Medi-Cal pays for over 100,000 births by undocumented women

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on December 26, 2006

More than 100,000 undocumented women each year bear children in California with expenses paid by Medi-Cal, according to state reports.


Such births and related expenses account for more than $400 million of the nearly $1 billion that the program spends annually on health care for illegal immigrants in California, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing state reports.

California long has been one of the more generous states in offering such benefits to illegal immigrants, covering everything from pregnancy tests to postpartum checkups.

Many illegal immigrants who might otherwise shy away from government services view care associated with childbirth as safe to seek.

“I wasn’t afraid at all,” said Sandra Andrade, an illegal immigrant from Colombia who recently gave birth at a Los Angeles hospital. “I’d always heard that pregnant women are treated well here.”

Nationally, a debate is simmering about the costs of providing medical care to illegal immigrants.

It costs America more money to allow illegal immigrants to jump the border than it does to send them back. Bush does not have a clue when it comes to illegal immigration. Also more Americans have died at the hands of illegal immigrants than all the people killed during the Iraqi War and that is a fact that the American government does not want Americans to know.

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