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Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on November 12, 2006

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Student leaders at a California college have touched off a furor by banning the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings, saying they see no reason to publicly swear loyalty to God and the U.S. government.

The move by Orange Coast College student trustees, the latest clash over patriotism and religion in American schools, has infuriated some of their classmates — prompting one young woman to loudly recite the pledge in front of the board on Wednesday night in defiance of the rule.

“America is the one thing I’m passionate about and I can’t let them take that away from me,” 18-year-old political science major Christine Zoldos told Reuters.

Looks like California Colleges are teaching students to hate America. When did hating America and being a traitor become part of the curriculum? As a matter of fact, why does the American government allow schools to teach students to Hate America?

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Why the Duke Hoax Continues

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on November 3, 2006

The “60 Minutes” broadcast has come and gone. Millions of people have seen the video of the accuser doing a pole dance at a strip club at the same time she and the police were claiming she was too injured even to sit upright. The second stripper at the infamous lacrosse party now claims that the accuser told her to hit her in order to inflict bruises in hopes of being able to frame the players on criminal assault and rape charges.

One bombshell after another hits this case, yet the prosecutor, Michael Nifong, continues to push it to trial, and no one with authority will do anything to stop him. Furthermore, the demand for trial and criminal convictions not only echoes from the black community in Durham, North Carolina, but also from vocal segments of the Duke University faculty. There may not be evidence that anyone committed rape, but a large and influential portion of the population at Durham wants these young men in prison for the rest of their lives.

In most situations, one would expect that the existence and publication of information that obliterates a criminal case would be taken seriously by the authorities, but we do not see that happening here. Thus, we ask ourselves why this case is different, and why much of Durham and the Duke University faculty have rushed well beyond judgment to a point at which they demand that no one confuse them with facts.

The short version of the answer is this: the politics of race and sex trump justice and even logic. The longer version reaches the same conclusion, but demonstrates the path that is taken – and why that is so. As I explain why this case still is alive, I must begin with the thought that also is at the end of this analysis, that being that I doubt I ever will be involved in or even see this level of hypocrisy and cynicism on behalf of people who claim to care about things like justice.

There is no such thing as justice when race and politics control every aspect of every ones life. Only the rich, powerful, and minorities can get the lightest sentences. Only the rich and powerful control America and its government.

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School, teacher on trial

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 29, 2006

Students at a Charleston County school were so racially hostile that some teachers say they preferred teaching in prisons or serving during the Vietnam War, according to testimony in the first day of a federal lawsuit against the district.

Elizabeth Kandrac and other white teachers have said students at the predominantly black Brentwood Middle School threatened and verbally abused them. Kandrac is suing the Charleston County School District, saying her complaints of harassment were ignored by her principal and the district. “I was treated with much more respect at Lieber prison than I would ever dream of at Brentwood,” said Elizabeth Wallace Jones, a former school nurse, said in testimony Monday.

At least in war you know who the enemy is and you have the tools to fight back.You have respect from your men. You do not get that if you are a teacher. Soldiers are not like students who are spoiled undignified rotten to the core brats. The teachers support this country, but that can not be said for the spoiled brats that they teach. Teachers should be respected for the sacrifices that they have made so that spoiled brats can go to school.

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Schools told it’s no longer necessary to teach right from wrong

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on August 1, 2006

SCHOOLS would no longer be required to teach children the difference between right and wrong under plans to revise the core aims of the National Curriculum.

They just want a bunch of mindless kids who will believe and do what the government tells them. They would rather have a generation of kids growing up to be criminals with no way of knowing right from wrong.,,591-2292741,00.html

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