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NAFTA and the Free Trade Union of Hitler’s time one in the same?

I kept hearing about people talking about Hitler and his book ‘Mein Kampf’, so I decided to find a copy of Mein Kampf at the local library and see for myself what people where talking about.

Reading stories about NAFTA and the super highway that they want built, reminded me of some thing I read in Mein Kampf.


Like a threatening thundercloud, the ‘free trades union’ hung over the political horizon and the life of the individual.

It was one of the most terrible instruments of intimidation against the security and the independence of national economy, the solidity of the State and personal freedom.

It was the free trades union above all which turned the conception of Democracy into a ridiculous and repellent phrase, which profaned liberty and ridiculed fraternity forever with the words ‘And if you will not join with us, we’ll crack your skull.’

Both controlled by Jews for the purpose of bringing down governments and putting them into Jewish control.
Israel will not stop until they strip away every right and freedom of the American people. Total control is their goal and the American government is handing everything over to them. It is sad that anyone who voices their concern about Israel having to much control over the American government is labeled anti-semitic.

NAFTA Super Highway Debate Inflames Texas Governor’s Race


The NAFTA Superhighway

Congressman: Superhighway about North American Union

Labor organizations file NAFTA complaint against N.C.



5 Responses to “NAFTA and the Free Trade Union of Hitler’s time one in the same?”

  1. … Not all Jewish people think that way. Some of the funniest comics and shows come from Jewish creators who ‘pay themselves out’. A great animated TV comedy called “Drawn Together” ( includes a lot of Jewish payouts, and both the creators are Jewish.

    You can’t put all Jews under the same roof. So please don’t say ‘Jews do this and that’ like it means everyone in the faith does.

    Oh by the way; Drawn Together is filled with racist jokes of all kinds, so you can put my point under conviction if you please. However, I believe there are too many other racist societies. It’s a huge world and it is sad that people don’t get along but; with the barriers of land gone and with the rise of the internet all humans are brought closer together. Our different cultures are blending.

    If anything, blaming and pointing at Jews is the wrong path. We should be striving to understand each other, not complaining. If people are “deathly afraid to stand up to these bullies” why choose a destructive path, a path of hate? Instead we (as in other cultures) should stay friendly and let any racial hate that they may have disappear because their perception of us will change.

  2. Why is it different for people to say that anyone who shaves their head is a skinhead? Why is it that if a group of white people want to live by themselves are called white separatist? Why is it ok when whites are discriminated against that no one says a word?

    There is a difference between blending and forced integration. It is ok when most of the media is controlled by Jews and it is ok for them to make any racist jokes they want, but if Non-Jews do the same thing they are called anti-Semitic.

    It takes more than a few Jews, out of the millions of Jews in the world, to change the outcome of people’s opinions. As it stands, Jews act like they are above the law and that their religion is the only law that everyone must obey. They also act like everyone must bend to their will or else. This is based on what I see and what I have seen in my travels half way around the world.

  3. My point is that you are making the issue worse. To me your point: “As it stands, Jews act like they are above the law and that their religion is the only law that everyone must obey. They also act like everyone must bend to their will or else.” is way off being decent and is close to being hypocritical. Change the word ‘Jews’ with ‘Christians’ or another religion and it all makes sense.

    I’m sorry that the Jewish people you have met were not hospitable, but you can’t use that as a basis. I have a Jewish friend and he is one of the most awesome and exceptional people I have ever met.

    I suggest you either delete this topic or re-write it as decent argument, seeing as you cut a huge quote out of Wikipedia and did not reference it.

  4. Did not cut a huge quote from Wikipedia. Posted before it was posted on Wikipedia.

  5. Can that be proved? Do you write this? Then why is it filled with Wikipedia hyperlinks?

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