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Police: Hate crime never happened

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

A reported anti-Semitic hate crime at the University of New Hampshire earlier this month never happened and the student who reported it has been arrested and charged with lying to authorities, police said yesterday.

Breanne Coventry Snell, 24, of Midlothian, Va., is charged with two counts of giving false information to police and one count of unsworn falsification. Each charge is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison.

People think that just because they are a minority or Jewish, that they can get away with making false hate crime claims. When they do that, they are just showing their own hatred of whites. More and more false claims are happening, but they get little or no attention because they do not want to upset minorities.

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Bush’s ‘Fence Bill’ Doesn’t Actually Create Fence

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

Bowing to anti-immigration hardliners in the House, President Bush today held a White House ceremony celebrating the signing of the “Secure Fence Act.” Bush told reporters, “The bill authorizes the construction of hundreds of miles of additional fencing along our southern border.”

Bush is right, the bill does “authorize” the constrution of a new fence. But that doesn’t mean the bill pays for it. As the Washington Post reported earlier this month:

No sooner did Congress authorize construction of a 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexico border last week than lawmakers rushed to approve separate legislation that ensures it will never be built, at least not as advertised, according to Republican lawmakers and immigration experts.

To many corrupt politicians in Washington that are only looking out for themselves and not for the American people. When they do not get re-elected, then they will be reaping what they sowed. The way they are treating the American people will come back to haunt them for years to come.

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Twins Born With Different Skin Colors

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

LONDON — A pair of British twin boys has been born with different skin color, a rare genetic occurrence according to experts.

In an interview with Britain’s Sky News program, mother Kerry Richardson said that the boys were both born white but as they’ve gotten older one of the boys got darker and the other lighter.”Over the last few months Layton has got lighter and blonder, like his dad, and Kaydon has gone darker like me,” Richardson told The Daily Mail. These days, she said, the twins attract attention wherever they go.

This is something that only happens in race mix couples.

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Are Americans Finally Waking Up?

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

According to a CNI news article “A new poll commissioned by the Council for the National Interest Foundation shows that a significant number of Americans are wary of the power of the Israel lobby, and believe it is behind the invasion of Iraq and the current belligerent tone of the White House and Congress toward Iran. The poll, which was carried out by Zogby International, reveals that 39% of the American public agree or somewhat agree that ‘the work of the Israel lobby on Congress and the Bush administration has been a key factor for going to war in Iraq and now confronting Iran.’ However, a similar number, 40%, ’strongly disagreed’ or ’somewhat disagreed’ with this position. Some 20% of the public, or more than one in five, were not sure.”

Why does Israel have such a control over the American Government? Why does the American government follow the orders of Israel when it comes to who, when, and how they should attack?

The biggest question is why does Israel have such a huge control over what laws get passed in America?

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Blood money row as OJ ‘admits’ killings

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

ELEVEN years after O J Simpson walked free from America’s most controversial murder trial, the former star athlete is at the center of a row over reports that he is being paid $3.5m for an autobiography in which he describes how he “hypothetically” might have murdered his ex-wife and her male friend.

If more blacks had the money that OJ had, then there would be less in prisons. No matter what, OJ should have fried for what he did. Any one with money can get away with murder these days. Suprised OJ is not a politician, because he would fit in perfectly in Washington.,,2089-2415493,00.html

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Harris aims to solidify evangelicals’ support for her Senate bid

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 29, 2006

LAKELAND — Flanked by a banner that reads “Israel shall stand forever,” Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein sings a song in a rousing mix of Hebrew and English.

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris is on her feet, stomping and clapping to the beat from her place on the stage.

The predominately Christian audience waves its arms to the music as Eckstein, the founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, praises Israel.

Next, Harris gets her turn.

“Nothing that we believe in the world would exist without you,” she says to Jewish leaders in the crowd. “We’re all sort of Jewish wannabes.”

It is sad how politicians will suck up to anyone who they think will get them elected. Seams that more and more politicians think that they have to get the approval from Jews and Israel before they can get elected. 

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The end of the American Constitution

Posted by mythoughtsandnews on October 19, 2006

When President George W. Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, he effectively nullified nine of the first ten amendments to the U.S. constitution and ended the “great experiment” known as The United States of America.

The Military Commissions Act, as it is worded, is Unconstitutional. To take away rights and freedoms of Americans, all in the name of protection, is wrong. A dictatorship deals in absolutes and a democracy deals in choices.

Will Americans still have the freedom to elect a new president at the next elections or is that right going to be taken away with the excuse, “I am committed to the global war on terror till the very end. So I am enacting executive orders and taking sole control of America, in order to have the tools necessary to accomplish my goal”?

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