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Those who hide the truth or prevent the truth from being known, are the very ones who wish to hide the real truth and rewrite history.

Some Thoughts



It is up to the woman whether or not she should have an abortion. It is her body and she is the one who has to live with any decision. The only thing people can do is supply all the information out there and let her make the choice. No one and no group has the right to control what is done to another person’s body. If a woman disposes of an unwanted or untimely pregnancy, then she was not supplied with all options. Each case is different, because every person is different. An unwanted pregnancy could also mean she was raped. It could mean that the unwanted pregnancy could kill her. Untimely could mean that she had a choice at berth control and did not use it. In that case it is up to any one to supply her with other options. Each case is different and can not be grouped in to one category or another. Abortion is some thing that will continue to be in the media and on some peoples minds. It is up to every one as a society to make clear to any woman that is pregnant and needs all the options before her when she does make the decision to have an abortion or not. Only through education can that happen. Abortion is still a choice, but it only becomes a wrong choice when all the facts are not present when the choice is made.

Illegal Immigration:

Every day we see illegal immigrants flood this country while politicians look the other way so they can get the Latino vote. They over tax the medical resources and financial resources of this country. They come to America and do not speak English and force every one else to learn Spanish at tax payers’ exspence. President Bush says that it will cost to much money to send illegal immigrants back to where they came, but he does not have a clue. It is costing American tax payers more money every day.


This country has become a haven for the rich and privileged where laws are made to benefit only them. If you have enough money, you can get any politician to vote your way on any issue. That is what a lobbyist does. They pay politicians to vote for what they want and not for what the people need. If that was not true, lobbyist would have been outlawed a long time ago. Also if politicians cared about the people who elected them, they would leave it up to the people whether or not they received a pay raise. Politicians make laws to make money and not to make their constituents’ lives safer or better. For the people by the people no longer holds true when foreign groups hold the keys to the country.

Blacks and Minorities:

In this country, blacks cause the majority of the crime that goes unreported by the news media because it does not sell. Minorities discriminate against whites on a daily basis, because they know people will look the other way in disbelief. It is up to them if they pick them selves up and stop blaming others for there problems. It is there own fault if they do not go out and find a job. It is there own fault if they blame others so that they can continue to deal and use drugs. Put down the crack pipes and go down to the local Employment Office and find a job that they can do even if it means moving to another city or state. Blaming whites for their problems is only an excuse to be lazy.

I watched Tom Brokaw on July 23, 2006 talk about a town in Mississippi that fought to get ride of segregation over 50 years ago and now the school there is all black. He also talked with three generations of one family about what was going on in their town. One of the family members was a Judge and the others where Lawyers. They said that it was racism that caused jobs to leave. What got me pissed was that they blamed whites for all of their problems just like most blacks do these days. They have no problem blaming whites for their problems, but yet any black business man could have moved their business to the town and they did not. So, they should not blame whites for not having jobs in their town if black will not put a job in their town or take over the old ones.

It is typical of blacks to blame whites for their problems because it is the easy way out. The family that was interviewed could have done something to better their town, but instead blamed whites for their towns decline. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Blacks in America need to stop using the past as an excuse to justify their actions. A person is only oppressed as long as they allow it to happen. A neighborhood is only a ghetto when the people living there allow it to happen. The crack dealer on a street corner dealing drugs is only allowed to be there because the community does not stand up and say no. Also you need to look at what is happening in South Africa and the whole-sale slaughter of white farmers. The pendulum is still swinging and it starts to slow down when blacks stop using the past to justify their actions today. Why don’t educated blacks help to equipe their fellow men with the right tools? Why don’t educated blacks bring businesses back to the towns they left? Blacks have the tools to better their lives, but instead of helping they would rather blame it on the past for how they are today.

Who comes first, America or the rest of the world?

I watched the president on CNN talk about supporting Israel. They also said that Israel receives billions of dollars a year in aid. Look at what they use with the money; they buy weapons and go to war with neighboring countries. Also do not forget that does not include the billions that go to other countries and the billions that have been wasted in Iraqi. I wonder when people will stop and really think about what is going on there.

When you consider all the billions of dollars going over seas, look at the financial problems Americans are facing today and all the jobs that are lost when companies move to another county so that they can make more money. How many are homeless because of that and the lack of support they get from our government? The money that sent to other countries for starters, could be better spent here in America taking care of Americans. Why should Americans take a back seat? Why should Americans be last? Why do Americans have to financially support the rest of the world when some can not even afford to buy food for their kids while working on minimum wage?

It just boils down to helping Americans first and every other country second. Americans should not be at the end of the list of who get aid. It shows who politicians care about, themselves. The politicians are the only ones profiting from giving Israel all that money. When big oil companies get tax breaks, or increase the price of gas, Politicians get richer and that includes the President. Do you really think the President would do anything that was not in the best interest of Oil Companies?

Look at how the government strips away the rights of Americans, all in the name of National Security and profit. When will people wake up and say, “NO MORE “. Americans should not accept any erosion of their civil liberties, even if they think it will make them safer. A responsible effective working government should care more about its people and will not sacrifice the publics’ freedoms and civil liberties in the name of security.

The president has been usurping authority from Congress and abusing individual privacy rights. Also he is abusing his power and authority. He is trying to expand his authority past the legal limit given to him by the Constitution and all of this in the name of fighting terrorism. Bush has made broad use of his powers, authorizing warrantless wiretaps, possibly collecting telephone records on millions of Americans. He has pushed Congress to grant him vast anti-terrorism powers in the recently extended Patriot Act.

When will Americans start electing real leaders and not ex-lawyers, ex-judges, and rich snobs with deep pockets of old family money? We need to start making decisions that are in the best interest of Americans. We need to get rid of lobbyists who twist this government in to a money machine for companies that have politicians in their back pockets. We also need to vote out the politicians that think they are above the law and think they can get away with anything. I could do a better job than President Bush. Just do not know how to get on the next election as an Independent, if there is time and I do not have the money.

Long ago all it took was a drive to make America a better place to live and it did not take much money to accomplish this goal. Farmers became politicians and presidents. Now you have lawyers, judges, and the rich spending tons of money to get in to office. What a sad change that has happened between the beginning of America to present day.





6 Responses to “Some Thoughts”

  1. R. Smiley said

    Abortion: Is not just a matter of choice it’s murder of an unborn child and should be treated as such. Just because it is a way to conveniently dispose of an unwanted or untimely pregnancy doesn’t change the totaly obvious that it is a Human being.
    People should be educated about the other options such as odoption for these unwanted children. There is a huge waiting list of people that would love to have the chance to adopt these children and give them the chance live. I am glad my mother didn’t murder me.

  2. Maurice said

    I agree especially with the section on blacks and minorities. As a young black college student trying to move on up its great to hear people tell the truth. I am sick and tired of people playing the race card to justify their laziness and ignorance. We’d get more businesses in our communities if some of us would stop acting like animals and glorifying “religion” and start using our brains.

  3. Illegal Immigration: You could be like Australia and be absolute bastards and lock them up for the rest of their life in detention centres where they are treated as animals. This is the one thing that doesn’t make me be proud of being an Australian.

    Who comes first, America or the rest of the world?: It’s interesting that other countries have similar issues. Aussies usually complain that we spend too much money in America and making money in third-world countries.

  4. helene said

    Maurice is not black, He is a white person impersonating a black person to try to make his point sound valid. If I happen to be wrong (which I doubt) we black people would like for you to turn in your negro card. Go bleach yourself like MJ and try to be white, we dont need ignorant people like you speaking for us!

  5. If you or others can not stand up and take responsibility for your actions, then some one needs to speak about what is happening. Just because you or anyone else orders some one to do some thing, does not mean they have to obey. Instead of proving me wrong, you proved me right.

    So is Maurice white or black or is he an Oreo, black on the outside, but white on the inside? That is what you are saying.

  6. Maurice is not black? If that is true I admit; I didn’t believe the comment when I first read it. Sounds out of place >_O

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